First few projects

I used my Longmill to engrave the lid of a wine box for my son’s wedding. Since this was my first project, this photo is a sample I ran to ensure it would work before doing the actual box lid.

Then I made a new house number sign
And I recently made this rustic sign to hang on my RV while camping. It done on a slice of log cut on my bandsaw. ‘Away from home port’ is a link to my Navy days.


Very nice work! You should be very proud of your accomplishments! Can not wait to see more!

Great job! Thank you for sharing. I’m a new longmill owner and I’m inspired. What font did you use on the lid?




I started my CNC adventure using Easel software, and I used a font called Arizonia. I suspect this font may be unique to Easel since they use only their own limited font library.

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Thanks Bob. It looks great