First go at textured background


That is some nice work. Well done.

Welcome Jack’s Dad - nice work - did you tape off first?

@Jacksdad Welcome, Greg. That’s a very fine introduction to the group. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did use cricket transfer tape. But it failed on most of the sharp points so a lot of touch up.

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Very nice… what font did you use?

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The font is called waltagram you can find it on the internet to download. Thanks


One more question. Did you paint before or after cutting? What kind of paint? What king of wood? Asking these questions because I am still struggling with painting some of my projects. My paint is getting smudged. May be your reply can help…Thanks in advance!

I painted first then covered the whole piece with transfer tape. Still had a lot of lift in some of the small spots and touch up. They are mdf and the paint was ppg semi-gloss acrylic. Very happy with the paint first I’ve found that covers cut mdf well.

To make it easier for some, I fount “Waltograph” at:

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