First look at the SuperLongBoard

Hey everyone! If you’re subscribed to our Sienci Labs newsletter, you might have been curious to see what the “SuperLongBoard” was when it got sent out last night.

I’m super excited to share something that Chris Thorog and the rest of the development team at Expatria and Sienci Labs have been working on that we believe will make big waves in the CNC community.

The “SuperLongBoard” represents what we believe is a massive step in taking the performance and user experience of the LongMill and future machines to the next level at an extremely affordable price.

For a first look at the “SuperLongBoard”, visit the full article here: First look at the SuperLongBoard | Sienci Labs


Very nice, I look to purchasing and trying it out. Seems like an excellent upgrade.

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Very cool!

Will there be details about the board dimensions etc to aid the community in making custom enclosures?

Files, drawings, and dimensions will eventually be made public and open source, so yep!

I looked around and couldn’t find a specific statement, but, I’m assuming, that the SLB has a 32 bit processor, instead of the current Arduino used, since it supports grblHal - True?


TMC2160 drivers are pretty cheap…i hope that those or simmilar drivers are in superlingboard, instead of worst toshiba tb6600 drivers. :slight_smile:


And to @unique93 we’re aiming to have the TMC2660 drivers :smiley: no more TB6600

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I have an MK1 that I bought just at the very end before I knew the MK2 was comming. I have waisted countless wood with the machine for no reason disconnecting from the USB. Different computers and setups, power outlets etc. I am assuming at this point my board might have a glitch, but I left it too long to bother with warrenty . Anyways, I am trying to acutally use this for light non-hobby work and I am really really needing this. I have contemplated bailing out for another Canadian compedator but it would honestly be nice to just replace the board. I would be willing to try an early sample as my board never worked right so I got nothing to lose. Is that possible? Or if not when will this be ready (even if features are missing) I really just want to skip having to teather unreliable gSender via USB. The rest can come later

Great, I can’t wait to see how it works. :slight_smile: