First part of my custom low profile vice using 1.4.4

I can safely say that the bugs I had in previous 3 versions are gone and my machine works as expected :grin:
Also i made those pitbull clamps myself too :smiling_face:


That’s purty! What’s it for?

For me
For my CNC
For my OCD :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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The above is one part of this project
Basically a modular vice that i made for me based on sanders design


That looks nice! What CNC machine do you have? I have not ventured into metals yet.

It’s “Saunder’s” Design I think
I nearly fainted when I saw the cost of them, nice job so far, please update this post with your progress.

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Custom build on my own design.

I call it Nova Mill :grin: , I’ll probably share it later

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Work in progress :grin:

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A few months ago I also made this type of vice out of steel. Not sure what material it is but it’s a endmill killer.
This one as you can see I’m using screws for clamping, it works but it’s not very stable, and I can’t really change to pitbull clamps.
So now I’m trying out of aluminum.

And today I made the second part, the moving/clamping side.
The only thing remaining is when I get the material for the base part, where the two are sitting basically, is to cut both parts at the same time to be even where the material is sitting.
Really tight tolerances btw. I really like how the parts came out.