First project - hit me with your critique

Only had my machine less than 3 months, so I am figuring things out on the fly. Attempting a clock project for some friends. Would like tool suggestions or any other callouts on this. This was done with a 1/8" tapered end mill and a 1/4" flat end mill. 2’’ thick walnut, 6" in diameter, and finished with tung oil (just one coat in this pic. Later did 2 more coats).

Think my machine has some chattering issues, so there was some weird jump on the “s” in “readers.” I will raise that in another thread.


Might be better if you used v bit for lettering or not go so deep. Inlay would be fancy, but would require trial and error with complenamtry wood colors. Perhps epoxy resin for filling letters?

Try a smaller bit or as RXman suggested V bit. Practice-practice-practice

Trying to learn more - Help me understand why a vbit would be better on the letters. The 1/8” tapered has a finer point (10 degrees) and those letters are tiny. Wouldnt that be better than a 30 degree vbit?

I will definitely go shallower. I’m amazed how precise these machines are.

V bit can get very detailed and you control the width of the letters with the depth of cut. V bit cuts make the letters POP- instead of just being a deep pocket with a shadow. Shadowed letters get hard to see depending on the light. Looking a the pics at an angle you can see the letters disappear depending on the angle of view. Pic #1 can barely see the YMCA and benefiting is almost unreadable at a glance. You can always V bit and then profile with an 1/8 step to get an edge on the letters.

Thats the wisdom i am seeking! Thanks!

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