First project Mill One

Congrats Sienci Canada!

Love the design. Going to get out in garage and build me my own Mill One. I like the 3D printed parts but not everyone has access to one. So I designed an all MDF Mill One. Will post build later today!


Enclosure and X table, done! Gonna get about 10" x 12" cutting area out of a 20" x 20" frame

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Hey, great!
Somebody else doing a scratch build.
Congrats :+1::+1:

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Got the Y and Z mocked up with router mount. Stop at the HD this aft and got a Makita trim router on sale! Woot, woot! Should be able to get her nestled in housing this week hopefully.

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Looking great so far @PickyCNC! Can’t wait to see the continuation of this build :smiley: