First project on my MKII

Modeled this little tray in my 3D program (TopSolid). Revolved an ellipse, then took a 3/4" slice out of it where I thought it might look good. Exported as .stl and imported to VCarve desktop. First test was on a piece of mdf which resulted in a bottom that I put my finger through the first time I touched it :rofl:. Took me awhile to figure out “limit planes”, but I am pleased with how this came out in a scrap of walnut :grin:. In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have started out with a 2-sided, 3D project…


First Project came out great

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Looks great.
I too did a 2-sided 3D project first and I think I learned more from that then if I would have slowly worked up to it. Can’t wait to see whats next

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Looking great!

I have to agree - dive in! You learn so much from just going for it.

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Thanks. Yeah, I learned a ton about Vcarve. Looking forward to more!

I’m also in agreement with tackling challenging projects as a rule - regardless of your experience level - as it’s a wonderful way to learn how best to use your CNC.

Keep it up. Oh, by the way, I check out the projects you showcased on your website and know that you’re going to very much enjoy the exciting capabilities that CNCing can bring to your business.

Marty from Kingston, ON

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Thanks Marty, for the encouragement and kind words!

Very nice!:star_struck:. Great work!

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Posted on YouTube :
Kind of an overview of the entire workflow.