First project on my new MK 2 - simple wine tray

So, this is something my sister requested. 18 inch tray, mesquite with maple.


Now time to sand and finish - the fun part.

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The legs will be attached with a thumbscrew to a threaded insert. Temporarily attached with simple bolt for testing. Will finish with Tried and True original.

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Looks fantastic! Would you be willing to share the details of your feeds / speeds / tooling?

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Mesquite and maple were all 1 inch, a full 4/4. I used a 1 inch surfacing bit, which burned the maple slightly, so that needs to be worked out. Sanded clean with no issues, so not anything to really worry about. Started with a 19 inch square, and cut the 18 inch tray from that.

First pass was a Whiteside 1572 round over bit around the outer perimeter just to smooth the profile a little. Very shallow DOC .05 inch, feed 10 inch/min, RPM 18000. Only cut to .24 inch. Still refining the speed for this one. Actually tooled it up to about 80 inches/min during the pass.

Bowl cut rough pass for all areas, DOC .08 inch, step over .375, 35 inch/min, 18000 rpm. Cut to .373 inch. Bit is SpeTool 1/4" Shank Bowl & Tray Router Bit 3/4 Cutting Diameter Double Flute.

Bowl smooth pass for all areas, DOC .08 inch, step over .05, same feeds. Cut to .38 inch. With that stepover, will not really need any sanding except for fun.

Profile cuts with Carbide 3D #205, .04 inch DOC, 60 inch/min, 18000 rpm. Default speed /feed from Carbide Create.

Legs cut with same #205. Again, 4/4 mesquite. I have a great source for this stuff and have never found any wood that machines more cleanly.

All held down with double sided tape, with everything then needing to be cleaned with mineral spirits. It works, but what a mess! Will be trying blue tape and glue next time.

Layout in Carbide Create.


@mhforbes Welcome to the group, Morris. You’ve certainly made a notable introduction. :grinning:

Well done, Sir. Thank you for posting details on how you completed your project.

Continue on. :smile:

Just enough mesquite left over for a dice vault.


I’m going to have to get myself some mesquite! Looking fantastic!

Finished and ready to serve meat, cheese, wine, whatever. Legs remove easily for transport.


Great job, beautiful work and wood

Good work. So… what’s next on the schedule?


I have more sisters, so I figure I will be experimenting.

There’s so many project opportunities in that case: jewelery boxes and clocks just to name two!


How tall was it? Did you cut out the legs from a whole piece of lumber?

the legs were carved from a 7 inch piece of 4/4 mesquite. They are about 6.5 inches tall. The tray is an 18 inch circle, also 4/4 mesquite and maple.

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