First Projects on MK2

*Finally figured this out a little…learning how
to refine the designs….still working on the finishing end of the projects….fun to watch


I really like the look of the sewing machine in the first picture @JAC !

@JAC Wow very nicely done! I would enjoy seeing them finished however you plan on finishing them. NICE!

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Jac, I’d say you’re more than getting started! Nice platters, etc.

What CAD program are you using, as well as what CNC machine do you have?

Welcome to the world of CNC.

Marty from Kingston, ON, Canada

MK 2 48x30 Vectric… thxs for the compliment…trying to learn the ins and outs… some stuff is hard to finally figure out but the videos and cnc community is really a good group of positive people for info…

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Still working on the finishing process… just happy to have gotten this far for now…looking at hot waxes
Sanding methods and epoxy to finish…

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