First test cuts on Longmill 30X30

Well, here it is. After nearly 2 years I’ve finally gotten the Longmill up and running. Just finished the platform/table for the machine. I’m going to build a set of drawers to go with it when I get more time.

This is the first cut.


Here’s a better view of the whole setup. It’s a 2X4 frame with a 3/4" plywood top. The longmill is on a 3/4" MDF panel and another MDF panel finishes out the rest of the top. That’s an old Acer 27" all in one computer on a swing arm from Amazon. The retractable casters are also from Amazon.


@StuartG Nice job with your table Stuart. I have the same locking casters from Amazon too. I have yet to do my storage for my LongMill. Still (after 4 months) trying to figure out my work flow. I do know I want a drawer for my laptop, and another for bits and one more for tools commonly used. But what to do with the rest of the space? I don’t have that answer quite yet. Your gear looks very nice. I haven’t ventured into that type of work yet, been focusing my attention on plaques featuring badges or memorial trees. I do need to though. Can’t wait to see what else you make with your machine!



I have a similar table, and I made a half shelf on the bottom, then on the back unshelved portion, I put my shop vac and dust collector. When I need to clean up I just roll the table out from it’s corner, clean the vac and collector and floor, then roll it back. Works pretty good. I WOULD like to enclose the vac system to cut down on noise, but may never. I just wear ear protection when running.

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Here’s a few photos showing my solution for housing the computer and storage of bits, accessories and spare parts. The top drawer holds the most often used items such as mills and precision measuring devices. The other drawer holds most of my spare parts (spare stepper motors, blocks, etc.) The open space at the bottom is for spare items too large to fit into the drawers.

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Thanks for the comments and all your photos. I plan on building a box with drawers on one side of the bottom and a platform on the other to put larger items. Maybe :wink:. I just need to get around to it.

I did cut out a few small Christmas ornaments on it the other day. Should have measured the stock thickness with the calipers. Between that and having the bit too far into the collet the parts didn’t quite get cut all the way through. Still learning.


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