First V-carve inlay using F-Engrave

I was thinking I could post a tutorial for this, as even though there is a youtube video for it, it still took me several times to get the settings dialed in so it would work right.

In case you don’t know, a v-carve inlay is pretty slick, its a way to use a v-carve it to do an inlay, which lets you have nice sharp corners just like a carve.

The male part of the inlay is walnut, inset into some oak. I had a piece of maple but my bandsaw blade is dull so I can’t resew until I get a new one.

I tried cutting the two pieces apart with my fancy Japanese hand saw but ended up using the bandsaw anyway, since the had saw was cutting into the oak, and partial ruined the inlay. You can still see it, and it looks pretty good in my opinion.


Wow those are Beautiful. Nice job!

Looks good Mike. Techniques like this open up all kinds of cool things to try.

Well done!!! I’m still practicing pockets!!! :smile: