Flood port loosing power

I am running the SLB with an IoT relay for the router connected to the flood connection using the M8 and M9 commands in gsender to turn the router on and off when the jobs starts and finishes. Part way through the jobs the flood connector would loose voltage and turn off the router ruining the jobs. The LED for the flood connector is still lit.

I programed one of the aux switches to operate with the flood command and it stays operational even when the flood connector looses voltage.

The SLB operated fine for a few weeks but now I have this issue.
Is the flood port toast and now i have to use one of the aux ports?

Hi @CPA, is the Flood not outputting any voltage at all now? Or did it stop part-way and it’s back to working again?

It works at the beginning of the projects but then randomly stops working part way through. When it stops working there is no voltage on the output but the LED stays lite.

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How much DC current are you pulling?
That port is current limited to 250mA (i think).

I’m using that same port and pulling 40mA for hours without a problem.

It’s connected to an IoT relay with in turn, turns the router on and off. Im not sure of the current draw but I’m pretty sure it’s minimal as it is only triggering a relay.

I’m wondering if maybe you could try plugging something else into the Flood port to see if that will also stay on the whole job or not. Something simple like a light, or even a multimeter

Will run some tests and let you know the outcome

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