FOR SALE: LongMill Mk2 30x30 in the Ottawa Area

I bought this last year but other projects and priorities have kept me so busy that I have not had time to unbox it and set it up. I also went ahead and bought the updated T8 spring loaded anti-backlash nuts and the SuperLongBoard, so it is quite similar to the newly announced LongMill Mk2.5.

Comes with the following:

  • LongMill Mk2 30x30
  • Makita 1.25HP router
  • LongMill Mk2 magnetic dust shoe
  • AutoZero touch plate
  • Starter End Mill Set
  • 3D Carve End Mill Set
  • Sign Makers End Mill Set
  • 30 deg. Engraving V-bit Pack - 10 pieces
  • 1/8" Precision Collet for Makita Router
  • Inductive Sensor Kit for LongMill Mk2
  • Delrin V-Wheels (12pcs) (for spares)
  • T8 Spring Loaded Anti-Backlash Nut (4pcs)
  • SuperLongBoard

The LongMill Mk2.5 with the same items (excluding the T8 spring loaded backlash nuts and the SLB which come standard with the Mk2.5) would be $2666.00 + taxes + shipping.

Asking $2400.00. PM me to chat further if you are interested.

Rod Scott