Forget it not worth reading this

What a game Boston dominated most of the game then just fell apart and let Vancouver back in it and bang. Lost it in Over Time in under 3 minutes. Was amazing.

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How does this relate to CNC?

@ozguzzi It doesn’t, Bruce and it doesn’t need to. The Community sub-category of the Community Discussion category is a place for general discussion. If you look through the posts here, you will see threads on shop dogs, computer switches, christmas wishes, etc.

OK, thanks for correcting me.

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@ozguzzi You’re welcome, Bruce. tks much.


This is why I didnt want to post stuff here

Did you expect there to be a tremendous amount of fans for a hockey team on a woodworking forum? :smiley:

For me, personally, I’ve only barely seen a hockey game once on TV. I did once see a news story where the teams used those big wooden sticks on each other! :smiley: I remember thinking that the sticks couldn’t be wood the way they were banging them around! :smiley: