Four Sided Tap Handle

This is the first thing that I didn’t just download off the internet somewhere. I attacked all four sides separately hoping all four will line up in the end. It wasn’t to bad for the first try. I didn’t account for deflection in my zero’s so I’m tuning those in a little better for attempt #2


That is really nice! Looks pretty good to me. I have been wanting to try that but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

@Stairguy Nicely done, Jeremy.

Great work. Outstanding detail.

You know I’m showing you the good side right? :wink:


Great Job! I imagined that was possible to do but have no clue how to approach the design side of it. (not that I would understand it yet)

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Hey Stairguy,

Nice project - I am a new owner of the Longmill and just learning. I had a question about your comment on zero deflection. Do you mean it was slightly off because you were using a vee bit?

Figured something was wacky based on your first post. Just trying to be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not because of the bit, but the load on the bit. The tip of the bit moves just a little bit relative to the part while the bit is cutting. It’s a combination of tool deflection and machine deflection. Both are kinda hard to predict, so my zeroing comment had a little bit of sarcasm tied to it. I usually never factor in deflection and just modify tool data to get the the second (or seventh) piece to be perfect.

I think the vises I mounted are just barely not aligned with the x axis. One end of the part aligned perfect but toward the tip of the hop, the 2nd series of cuts ran off ever so slightly. Like center of the tip was rotating off center. But I zero’d it at the base so it makes sense it would run out from there.

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Thanks for the response Jeremy. I have a small home brewery and have two kegerators. I would like to incorporate the hop at the top of the tap handle - can you share how you did that?

@Stairguy - That is awesome. I’d be interested in knowing more how you did that. I make tap handles too and have been wanting something like that on top. Could you share the files?