FreeCAD Job grbl '--flags' and Post Process to grblHAL for gSender 1.4.x

I’ve been using FreeCad and recently generated a gcode. but the updates to gSender 1.4 now have my gCode (same file as previous gSender was working). I noticed the grbl in gCode changed to grblHAL is there any extra gcode flags or attributes I need to set on the FreeCAD Job for post processing to get the FreeCAD grbl → grblHAL for gSender?

@Twintails Assuming that you are not running the new super long board, you should open gSender in grbl, not grblHal.

Ok thanks! I was not having any luck getting the Arduino UNO LongMill MK1 to connect with gSender after the update and so I switched the interface to grblHAL and it connected. I made an assumption without all the data. :sweat_smile:

I’ll give it another try.

Do you know if there is a newer grbl firmware update since the 2021 version listed on the firmware documentation? Just in case I’m missing something firmware wise.

@Twintails As far as I know, the firmware has not changed. You could write to Sienci to confirm.

Since you are running a LM Mk1, you definitely do not want to be connecting using Hal.

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