Fusion 360 Feeds and Speeds

Hey Everyone,

Sorry if this is a repost, but I have looked through several posts and have not been able to find this problem in anyone’s posts. I am using Fusion 360 and the UGSPlatform with the Longmill. No matter what feeds and speeds I change them to in 360, it still cuts them at the same speed no matter what. I tried cutting some letters out on some poplar wood and the detail was not there. I’ve attached a photo of what it looks like so you can better understand what is happening. Each of these cuts are at different feeds and speeds, but they all didn’t turn out. I’ve also attached a picture of my feeds and speeds for each of these cuts.Please let me know if anyone can help me out.


What router are you using on your longmill? Is the speed manually set and the feed is only controllable with your software perhaps?

Thanks for the reply. I’m using a Makita router with a manual speed and the feed is controlled by the machine/program. I’m curious if I need to change anything in the ugs platform to let fusion 360 determine the feed.

@VegasBuilds Welcome to the group Braeden. UGS does not determine the feed rate. In your case Fusion360 sends that information in the gcode to UGS. You can slow it down or speed it up on the fly in UGS from the preset by up to 200%.
Post your gcode here, if you like and we can look to see what fusion360 is sending to UGS.

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Thanks! I couldn’t upload the file because it wasn’t supported so I pasted the plain text below. This is the G code for Test 2. I know you don’t need all the code, but I’m not sure what is what so this is the first half of the text.

(T1 D=0.5 CR=0 TAPER=45deg - ZMIN=-0.1896 - chamfer mill)
G90 G94

S20000 M3
G0 X-2.2915 Y-0.5053
G1 Z-0.04 F28
X-2.2437 Y-0.4503 Z-0.0878
X-2.2284 Y-0.4325 Z-0.1031
X-2.2147 Y-0.416 Z-0.1168
X-2.2022 Y-0.4004 Z-0.1293
X-2.1908 Y-0.3858 Z-0.1407
X-2.1805 Y-0.3721 Z-0.151
X-2.1779 Y-0.3686 Z-0.1536
X-2.1881 Y-0.361 Z-0.1434
X-2.204 Y-0.3489 Z-0.1275
X-2.2196 Y-0.3369 Z-0.1118
X-2.2915 Y-0.2817 Z-0.04
X-2.2196 Y-0.3369 Z-0.1118
X-2.204 Y-0.3489 Z-0.1275
X-2.1881 Y-0.361 Z-0.1434
X-2.1779 Y-0.3686 Z-0.1536
X-2.1705 Y-0.3662 Z-0.1535
X-2.1659 Y-0.3645
X-2.1574 Y-0.3612 Z-0.1537
X-2.1464 Y-0.3566 Z-0.1538
X-2.1422 Y-0.3545 Z-0.1539
X-2.1362 Y-0.3514 Z-0.1542
X-2.1266 Y-0.3461 Z-0.1545
X-2.1221 Y-0.3433 Z-0.1547
X-2.1176 Y-0.3404 Z-0.155
X-2.1093 Y-0.3345 Z-0.1555
X-2.1016 Y-0.3284 Z-0.1561
X-2.0979 Y-0.3252 Z-0.1564
X-2.0943 Y-0.322 Z-0.1568
X-2.0875 Y-0.3154 Z-0.1574
X-2.0826 Y-0.3102 Z-0.158
X-2.0812 Y-0.3086 Z-0.1581
X-2.0753 Y-0.3017 Z-0.1588
X-2.0698 Y-0.2945 Z-0.1595
X-2.0646 Y-0.287 Z-0.1602
X-2.061 Y-0.2812 Z-0.1607
X-2.0567 Y-0.2738 Z-0.1613
X-2.0552 Y-0.2711 Z-0.1615
X-2.051 Y-0.2627 Z-0.1622
X-2.0475 Y-0.255 Z-0.1627
X-2.0439 Y-0.2462 Z-0.1633
X-2.0383 Y-0.2313 Z-0.1645
X-2.0367 Y-0.2266 Z-0.1649
X-2.0292 Y-0.2039 Z-0.1675
X-1.902 Y-0.2317 Z-0.04
X-2.0292 Y-0.2039 Z-0.1675
X-2.0286 Y-0.1966 Z-0.1668
X-2.0265 Y-0.1691 Z-0.1649
X-2.0249 Y-0.1393 Z-0.1634
X-2.0235 Y-0.1062 Z-0.1622
X-2.0224 Y-0.0693 Z-0.1613
X-2.0214 Y-0.0278 Z-0.1606
X-2.0206 Y0.0187 Z-0.16
X-2.02 Y0.0707 Z-0.1596
X-2.0194 Y0.1287 Z-0.1593
X-2.0189 Y0.1931 Z-0.1592
X-2.0179 Y0.3427 Z-0.159
X-2.0139 Y1.0849 Z-0.1588
X-2.132 Y1.2037 Z-0.04
X-2.0139 Y1.0849 Z-0.1588
X-1.8945 Y1.2037 Z-0.04
G0 Z0.2
X-1.6906 Y0.1811
G1 Z-0.04 F28
X-1.5514 Y0.2139 Z-0.1792
X-1.5432 Y0.1991 Z-0.1799
X-1.5405 Y0.1943 Z-0.1802
X-1.532 Y0.1803 Z-0.1815
X-1.5273 Y0.1728 Z-0.1824
X-1.5238 Y0.1676 Z-0.1831
X-1.5181 Y0.1593 Z-0.1842
X-1.5132 Y0.1527 Z-0.1852
X-1.5093 Y0.1478 Z-0.186
X-1.5065 Y0.1444 Z-0.1864
X-1.5039 Y0.1415 Z-0.1867
X-1.5029 Y0.1405
X-1.5003 Y0.1385 Z-0.1865
X-1.496 Y0.1355 Z-0.1859
X-1.4926 Y0.1334 Z-0.1854
X-1.4899 Y0.1318 Z-0.1848
X-1.4869 Y0.1302 Z-0.1841
X-1.4824 Y0.1281 Z-0.183
X-1.4781 Y0.1263 Z-0.1818
X-1.4725 Y0.1242 Z-0.1803
X-1.4654 Y0.1217 Z-0.1783
X-1.4568 Y0.119 Z-0.1759
X-1.4468 Y0.1162 Z-0.1733
X-1.4381 Y0.114 Z-0.171
X-1.433 Y0.1129 Z-0.1698
X-1.4233 Y0.1109 Z-0.1675
X-1.416 Y0.1097 Z-0.1657
X-1.4114 Y0.1091 Z-0.1647
X-1.4039 Y0.1083 Z-0.1629
X-1.4016 Y0.108 Z-0.1624
X-1.3938 Y0.1075 Z-0.1605
X-1.3899 Y0.1074 Z-0.1595
X-1.3855 Z-0.1584
X-1.3801 Y0.1076 Z-0.1569
X-1.3751 Y0.1079 Z-0.1554
X-1.3719 Y0.1083 Z-0.1544
X-1.3657 Y0.1093 Z-0.1524
X-1.3588 Y0.1107 Z-0.1499
X-1.355 Y0.1116 Z-0.1485
X-1.3509 Y0.1128 Z-0.1468
X-1.3478 Y0.1138 Z-0.1456
X-1.3414 Y0.116 Z-0.143
X-1.3381 Y0.1172 Z-0.1415
X-1.3292 Y0.1209 Z-0.1377
X-1.3188 Y0.1254 Z-0.1335
X-1.3132 Y0.128 Z-0.1313
X-1.3052 Y0.1318 Z-0.1284
X-1.2974 Y0.1355 Z-0.1258
X-1.2937 Y0.1374 Z-0.1247
X-1.2856 Y0.1415 Z-0.1225
X-1.2797 Y0.1445 Z-0.121
X-1.273 Y0.1481 Z-0.1196
X-1.2661 Y0.1516 Z-0.1184
X-1.2625 Y0.1534 Z-0.118
X-1.2558 Y0.1569 Z-0.1174
X-1.2505 Y0.1595 Z-0.1172
X-1.2455 Y0.1619
X-1.2394 Y0.1648 Z-0.1177
X-1.2358 Y0.1663 Z-0.118
X-1.2319 Y0.168 Z-0.1186
X-1.2254 Y0.1706 Z-0.1199
X-1.2217 Y0.172 Z-0.1208
X-1.2152 Y0.1743 Z-0.1225
X-1.2115 Y0.1756 Z-0.1237
X-1.2057 Y0.1776 Z-0.1258
X-1.1998 Y0.1793 Z-0.1281
X-1.196 Y0.1804 Z-0.1297
X-1.1936 Y0.181 Z-0.1308
X-1.1859 Y0.1831 Z-0.1345
X-1.1782 Y0.185 Z-0.1385
X-1.1703 Y0.1869 Z-0.1431
X-1.1621 Y0.1887 Z-0.1481
X-1.1538 Y0.1904 Z-0.1535
X-1.1448 Y0.1921 Z-0.1595
X-1.1356 Y0.1938 Z-0.166
X-1.1259 Y0.1953 Z-0.173
X-1.1186 Y0.1964 Z-0.1785
X-1.1082 Y0.1979 Z-0.1865
X-1.1044 Y0.1889 Z-0.1827
X-1.1006 Y0.1789 Z-0.1789
X-1.0976 Y0.1703 Z-0.176
X-1.0945 Y0.1607 Z-0.173
X-1.0928 Y0.1544 Z-0.1712
X-1.0908 Y0.1468 Z-0.1693
X-1.0897 Y0.1422 Z-0.1682
X-1.0884 Y0.1361 Z-0.1669
X-1.0867 Y0.1274 Z-0.1652
X-1.0852 Y0.1186 Z-0.1638
X-1.0904 Y0.1117 Z-0.1569
X-1.0963 Y0.104 Z-0.1492
X-1.1042 Y0.0943 Z-0.1395
X-1.1111 Y0.086 Z-0.1311
X-1.1197 Y0.0761 Z-0.1213
X-1.1282 Y0.0667 Z-0.1119
X-1.1363 Y0.0579 Z-0.1031
X-1.1452 Y0.0486 Z-0.0938
X-1.1529 Y0.0409 Z-0.0861
X-1.1989 Y-0.0052 Z-0.04
X-1.1529 Y0.0409 Z-0.0861
X-1.1452 Y0.0486 Z-0.0938
X-1.1363 Y0.0579 Z-0.1031
X-1.1282 Y0.0667 Z-0.1119
X-1.1197 Y0.0761 Z-0.1213
X-1.1111 Y0.086 Z-0.1311
X-1.1042 Y0.0943 Z-0.1395
X-1.0963 Y0.104 Z-0.1492
X-1.0904 Y0.1117 Z-0.1569
X-1.0852 Y0.1186 Z-0.1638
X-1.0867 Y0.1274 Z-0.1652
X-1.0884 Y0.1361 Z-0.1669
X-1.0897 Y0.1422 Z-0.1682
X-1.0908 Y0.1468 Z-0.1693
X-1.0928 Y0.1544 Z-0.1712
X-1.0945 Y0.1607 Z-0.173
X-1.0976 Y0.1703 Z-0.176
X-1.1006 Y0.1789 Z-0.1789
X-1.1044 Y0.1889 Z-0.1827
X-1.1082 Y0.1979 Z-0.1865
X-1.1057 Y0.207 Z-0.1839
X-1.1028 Y0.2179 Z-0.181
X-1.1004 Y0.2278 Z-0.1786
X-1.098 Y0.2386 Z-0.1761
X-1.0959 Y0.2484 Z-0.174
X-1.0938 Y0.2593 Z-0.1718
X-1.092 Y0.2695 Z-0.17
X-1.0902 Y0.2805 Z-0.1682
X-1.0892 Y0.2876 Z-0.1672
X-1.0883 Y0.2951 Z-0.1662
X-1.0874 Y0.3035 Z-0.1653
X-1.0865 Y0.3138 Z-0.1644
X-1.086 Y0.321 Z-0.1638
X-1.085 Y0.3388 Z-0.1627
X-1.0842 Y0.3583 Z-0.1618
X-1.0835 Y0.3799 Z-0.1611
X-1.0829 Y0.4035 Z-0.1604
X-1.0824 Y0.429 Z-0.1599
X-1.082 Y0.4562 Z-0.1594
X-1.0817 Y0.4849 Z-0.159
X-1.0815 Y0.5147 Z-0.1587
X-1.0814 Y0.5453 Z-0.1584
Y0.5765 Z-0.1583
Y0.608 Z-0.1582
X-1.0815 Y0.6394
X-1.0817 Y0.6705 Z-0.1583
X-1.082 Y0.701 Z-0.1585
X-1.0824 Y0.7304 Z-0.1587
X-1.0828 Y0.7588 Z-0.1591
X-1.0834 Y0.7856 Z-0.1595
X-1.084 Y0.8108 Z-0.16
X-1.0847 Y0.8342 Z-0.1607
X-1.0856 Y0.856 Z-0.1615
X-1.0867 Y0.8765 Z-0.1625
X-1.0876 Y0.8891 Z-0.1633
X-1.0883 Y0.898 Z-0.164
X-1.09 Y0.9128 Z-0.1656
X-1.0907 Y0.9185 Z-0.1664
X-1.0919 Y0.9259 Z-0.1675
X-1.0929 Y0.9324 Z-0.1685
X-1.0942 Y0.9397 Z-0.1698
X-1.0955 Y0.9464 Z-0.171
X-1.0969 Y0.9536 Z-0.1724
X-1.0984 Y0.9605 Z-0.1739
X-1.1001 Y0.9676 Z-0.1755
X-1.1018 Y0.9748 Z-0.1772
X-1.1049 Y0.9868 Z-0.1803
X-1.1015 Y0.9949 Z-0.1769
X-1.0984 Y1.003 Z-0.1737
X-1.0955 Y1.0111 Z-0.1708
X-1.0929 Y1.0192 Z-0.1682
X-1.0906 Y1.0273 Z-0.1659
X-1.0886 Y1.0354 Z-0.1638
X-1.0868 Y1.0435 Z-0.162
X-1.0853 Y1.0516 Z-0.1605
X-1.0841 Y1.0597 Z-0.1592
X-1.0831 Y1.0678 Z-0.1582
X-1.0825 Y1.0759 Z-0.1575
X-1.0821 Y1.084 Z-0.1571
X-1.082 Y1.0921 Z-0.157
X-1.0829 Y1.5827 Z-0.1561
X-1.1989 Y1.7023 Z-0.04
X-1.0829 Y1.5827 Z-0.1561
X-0.9672 Y1.6955 Z-0.04
X-1.0829 Y1.5827 Z-0.1561
X-1.082 Y1.0921 Z-0.157
X-1.0821 Y1.084 Z-0.1571
X-1.0825 Y1.0759 Z-0.1575
X-1.0831 Y1.0678 Z-0.1582
X-1.0841 Y1.0597 Z-0.1592
X-1.0853 Y1.0516 Z-0.1605
X-1.0868 Y1.0435 Z-0.162
X-1.0886 Y1.0354 Z-0.1638
X-1.0906 Y1.0273 Z-0.1659
X-1.0929 Y1.0192 Z-0.1682
X-1.0955 Y1.0111 Z-0.1708
X-1.0984 Y1.003 Z-0.1737
X-1.1015 Y0.9949 Z-0.1769
X-1.1049 Y0.9868 Z-0.1803
X-1.1086 Y0.9874 Z-0.1774
X-1.1191 Y0.9891 Z-0.1694
X-1.1289 Y0.9908 Z-0.1621
X-1.1384 Y0.9926 Z-0.1553
X-1.1465 Y0.9942 Z-0.1497
X-1.1552 Y0.9961 Z-0.144
X-1.1622 Y0.9978 Z-0.1396
X-1.1701 Y0.9998 Z-0.1349
X-1.176 Y1.0014 Z-0.1316
X-1.1834 Y1.0036 Z-0.1278
X-1.1888 Y1.0053 Z-0.1252
X-1.1957 Y1.0076 Z-0.1222
X-1.2003 Y1.0092 Z-0.1204
X-1.2069 Y1.0117 Z-0.118
X-1.2113 Y1.0135 Z-0.1167
X-1.2175 Y1.0161 Z-0.1151
X-1.2215 Y1.0179 Z-0.1143
X-1.2275 Y1.0208 Z-0.1134
X-1.2313 Y1.0228 Z-0.113
X-1.2383 Y1.0265 Z-0.1127
X-1.2408 Y1.0279 Z-0.1128
X-1.2466 Y1.0313 Z-0.1132
X-1.2502 Y1.0336 Z-0.1137
X-1.2558 Y1.0372 Z-0.1148
X-1.2596 Y1.0397 Z-0.1156
X-1.2693 Y1.0458 Z-0.118
X-1.2793 Y1.0517 Z-0.1208
X-1.2898 Y1.0575 Z-0.124
X-1.3008 Y1.0631 Z-0.1276
X-1.3123 Y1.0687 Z-0.1316
X-1.3189 Y1.0716 Z-0.134
X-1.3246 Y1.0739 Z-0.136
X-1.3318 Y1.0766 Z-0.1385
X-1.3393 Y1.0792 Z-0.1412
X-1.3476 Y1.0818 Z-0.144
X-1.3584 Y1.0848 Z-0.1478
X-1.369 Y1.0874 Z-0.1514
X-1.3776 Y1.0891 Z-0.1544
X-1.3827 Y1.0899 Z-0.156
X-1.3916 Y1.0906 Z-0.1584
X-1.3981 Y1.0908 Z-0.1601
X-1.4045 Y1.0907 Z-0.1616
X-1.4115 Y1.0903 Z-0.1632
X-1.418 Y1.0898 Z-0.1646
X-1.426 Y1.0888 Z-0.1664
X-1.4343 Y1.0874 Z-0.1681
X-1.4448 Y1.0852 Z-0.1702
X-1.453 Y1.083 Z-0.1719
X-1.4592 Y1.0812 Z-0.1732
X-1.4672 Y1.0785 Z-0.1748
X-1.475 Y1.0755 Z-0.1764
X-1.4825 Y1.0723 Z-0.1779
X-1.4895 Y1.069 Z-0.1793
X-1.4959 Y1.0656 Z-0.1806
X-1.5017 Y1.0623 Z-0.1816
X-1.5071 Y1.0589 Z-0.1826
X-1.5119 Y1.0556 Z-0.1834
X-1.5149 Y1.0534 Z-0.1839
X-1.5193 Y1.0498 Z-0.1844
X-1.5206 Y1.0486 Z-0.1845
X-1.5232 Y1.0457 Z-0.1843
X-1.5248 Y1.0438 Z-0.1842
X-1.5289 Y1.0386 Z-0.1839
X-1.5312 Y1.0355 Z-0.1836
X-1.5324 Y1.0337 Z-0.1833
X-1.5333 Y1.0322 Z-0.183
X-1.5349 Y1.0292 Z-0.1824
X-1.5372 Y1.0243 Z-0.1812
X-1.5404 Y1.0172 Z-0.1795
X-1.5444 Y1.0068 Z-0.1771
X-1.5485 Y0.995 Z-0.1744
X-1.549 Y0.9934 Z-0.174
X-1.5513 Y0.9863 Z-0.1725
X-1.5532 Y0.9797 Z-0.1712
X-1.5549 Y0.9735 Z-0.17
X-1.558 Y0.9609 Z-0.1678
X-1.5606 Y0.9486 Z-0.1658
X-1.5629 Y0.9364 Z-0.1641
X-1.5649 Y0.924 Z-0.1626
X-1.5659 Y0.9162 Z-0.1619
X-1.5667 Y0.9096 Z-0.1613
X-1.5676 Y0.9008 Z-0.1607
X-1.5689 Y0.8836 Z-0.1598
X-1.57 Y0.8647 Z-0.1591
X-1.5709 Y0.8436 Z-0.1585
X-1.5718 Y0.8204 Z-0.158
X-1.5726 Y0.787 Z-0.1575
X-1.573 Y0.7679 Z-0.1572
X-1.5735 Y0.7392 Z-0.1569
X-1.5739 Y0.7011 Z-0.1565
X-1.5743 Y0.6523 Z-0.1563
X-1.5744 Y0.5993 Z-0.1562
X-1.5743 Y0.5502 Z-0.1563
X-1.5741 Y0.5189 Z-0.1564
X-1.5739 Y0.4884 Z-0.1567
X-1.5735 Y0.4591 Z-0.157
X-1.5731 Y0.4313 Z-0.1575
X-1.5726 Y0.405 Z-0.158
X-1.572 Y0.3807 Z-0.1586
X-1.5712 Y0.3582 Z-0.1593
X-1.5703 Y0.3371 Z-0.1603
X-1.5695 Y0.3234 Z-0.1611
X-1.5689 Y0.3162 Z-0.1616
X-1.5675 Y0.3006 Z-0.1631
X-1.5668 Y0.2953 Z-0.1637
X-1.5652 Y0.2827 Z-0.1654
X-1.5638 Y0.2737 Z-0.1667
X-1.561 Y0.2568 Z-0.1696
X-1.56 Y0.2521 Z-0.1705
X-1.5566 Y0.2353 Z-0.174
X-1.5554 Y0.2303 Z-0.1752
X-1.5514 Y0.2139 Z-0.1792
G0 Z0.2
X-0.5555 Y1.0095
G1 Z-0.04 F28
X-0.4184 Y0.8724 Z-0.1771
G0 Z0.2
X-0.5555 Y1.233
G1 Z-0.04 F28
X-0.4245 Y1.3641 Z-0.171
G0 Z0.2
X-0.5555 Y1.4951
G1 Z-0.04 F28
X-0.4245 Y1.3641 Z-0.171
X0.3499 Y1.4951 Z-0.04
X0.2189 Y1.3641 Z-0.171
X0.3499 Y1.233 Z-0.04
G0 Z0.2
X-0.5555 Y0.7353
G1 Z-0.04 F28
X-0.4184 Y0.8724 Z-0.1771
X0.617 Y0.7353 Z-0.04
X0.4799 Y0.8724 Z-0.1771
X0.617 Y1.0095 Z-0.04
G0 Z0.2
X-0.5677 Y0.2498
G1 Z-0.04 F28
X-0.4306 Y0.3869 Z-0.1771
X-0.5677 Y0.5239 Z-0.04
X-0.4306 Y0.3869 Z-0.1771
X0.8476 Y0.2498 Z-0.04
X0.7105 Y0.3869 Z-0.1771
X0.8476 Y0.5239 Z-0.04
G0 Z0.2
X-1.0852 Y0.1186
G1 Z-0.1638 F28
X-0.961 Y-0.0052 Z-0.04
G0 Z0.2
X-0.9076 Y-0.5272
G1 Z-0.04 F28
X-0.819 Y-0.4386 Z-0.1285
X-0.9076 Y-0.3501 Z-0.04
X-0.819 Y-0.4386 Z-0.1285
X-0.7851 Z-0.1286
X-0.7816 Z-0.1288
X-0.778 Z-0.1292
X-0.7744 Z-0.1297
X-0.7708 Z-0.1303
X-0.7673 Z-0.131
X-0.7637 Z-0.1319
X-0.7601 Z-0.1329
X-0.7565 Z-0.1341
X-0.7528 Z-0.1353
X-0.7456 Z-0.1382
X-0.7382 Z-0.1416
X-0.7308 Z-0.1454
X-0.7233 Z-0.1496
X-0.7157 Z-0.1542
X-0.7079 Z-0.1592
X-0.7001 Z-0.1645
X-0.6921 Z-0.1702
X-0.684 Z-0.1762
X-0.6757 Z-0.1826
X-0.6673 Z-0.1892
X-0.6589 Z-0.1826
X-0.6506 Z-0.1762
X-0.6425 Z-0.1702
X-0.6345 Z-0.1645
X-0.6267 Z-0.1592
X-0.6189 Z-0.1542
X-0.6113 Z-0.1496
X-0.6038 Z-0.1454
X-0.5964 Z-0.1416
X-0.589 Z-0.1382
X-0.5818 Z-0.1353
X-0.5781 Z-0.1341
X-0.5745 Z-0.1329
X-0.5709 Z-0.1319
X-0.5673 Z-0.131
X-0.5637 Z-0.1303
X-0.5602 Z-0.1297
X-0.5566 Z-0.1292
X-0.553 Z-0.1288
X-0.5495 Z-0.1286
X-0.4913 Z-0.1285
X-0.4027 Y-0.5272 Z-0.04
X-0.4913 Y-0.4386 Z-0.1285
X-0.4027 Y-0.3501 Z-0.04
X-0.4913 Y-0.4386 Z-0.1285
X-0.5495 Z-0.1286
X-0.553 Z-0.1288
X-0.5566 Z-0.1292
X-0.5602 Z-0.1297
X-0.5637 Z-0.1303
X-0.5673 Z-0.131
X-0.5709 Z-0.1319
X-0.5745 Z-0.1329
X-0.5781 Z-0.1341
X-0.5818 Z-0.1353
X-0.589 Z-0.1382
X-0.5964 Z-0.1416
X-0.6038 Z-0.1454
X-0.6113 Z-0.1496
X-0.6189 Z-0.1542
X-0.6267 Z-0.1592
X-0.6345 Z-0.1645
X-0.6425 Z-0.1702
X-0.6506 Z-0.1762
X-0.6589 Z-0.1826
X-0.6673 Z-0.1892
Y-0.4324 Z-0.1856
Y-0.4263 Z-0.1822
Y-0.4204 Z-0.179
Y-0.4144 Z-0.1761
Y-0.4086 Z-0.1734
Y-0.4028 Z-0.1709
Y-0.3971 Z-0.1686
Y-0.3915 Z-0.1666
Y-0.3859 Z-0.1648
Y-0.3803 Z-0.1632
Y-0.3748 Z-0.1619
Y-0.3693 Z-0.1608
Y-0.3639 Z-0.16
Y-0.3584 Z-0.1594
Y-0.353 Z-0.159
Y-0.3476 Z-0.1589
X-0.5484 Y0.0262 Z-0.04
X-0.6673 Y-0.0927 Z-0.1589
X-0.7862 Y0.0262 Z-0.04
X-0.6673 Y-0.0927 Z-0.1589
Y-0.353 Z-0.159
Y-0.3584 Z-0.1594
Y-0.3639 Z-0.16
Y-0.3693 Z-0.1608
Y-0.3748 Z-0.1619
Y-0.3803 Z-0.1632
Y-0.3859 Z-0.1648
Y-0.3915 Z-0.1666
Y-0.3971 Z-0.1686
Y-0.4028 Z-0.1709
Y-0.4086 Z-0.1734
Y-0.4144 Z-0.1761
Y-0.4204 Z-0.179
Y-0.4263 Z-0.1822
Y-0.4324 Z-0.1856
Y-0.4386 Z-0.1892
Y-0.4448 Z-0.1856
Y-0.4509 Z-0.1822
Y-0.4569 Z-0.179
Y-0.4628 Z-0.1761
Y-0.4686 Z-0.1734
Y-0.4744 Z-0.1709
Y-0.4801 Z-0.1686
Y-0.4858 Z-0.1666
Y-0.4914 Z-0.1648
Y-0.4969 Z-0.1632
Y-0.5024 Z-0.1619
Y-0.5079 Z-0.1608
Y-0.5134 Z-0.16
Y-0.5188 Z-0.1594
Y-0.5242 Z-0.159
Y-0.5297 Z-0.1589
X-0.6672 Y-0.976 Z-0.1588
X-0.667 Y-1.0287 Z-0.1586
X-0.6668 Y-1.079 Z-0.1584
X-0.6664 Y-1.1263 Z-0.158
X-0.666 Y-1.1703 Z-0.1576
X-0.6655 Y-1.2103 Z-0.1571
X-0.665 Y-1.2461 Z-0.1566
X-0.6643 Y-1.2764 Z-0.156
X-0.6638 Y-1.2837 Z-0.1561
X-0.6632 Y-1.2904 Z-0.1564
X-0.6625 Y-1.2963 Z-0.1568
X-0.6616 Y-1.3023 Z-0.1573
X-0.6607 Y-1.3074 Z-0.1579
X-0.6597 Y-1.3125 Z-0.1586
X-0.6578 Y-1.3209 Z-0.1599
X-0.6557 Y-1.3283 Z-0.1612
X-0.6548 Y-1.3305 Z-0.1614
X-0.6518 Y-1.337 Z-0.1621
X-0.6486 Y-1.3431 Z-0.1629
X-0.6453 Y-1.3488 Z-0.1636
X-0.6419 Y-1.3542 Z-0.1643
X-0.6384 Y-1.3591 Z-0.1651
X-0.6348 Y-1.3638 Z-0.1657
X-0.6312 Y-1.3682 Z-0.1663
X-0.6275 Y-1.3724 Z-0.1667
X-0.6239 Y-1.3764 Z-0.167
X-0.6203 Y-1.3803 Z-0.1672
X-0.6165 Y-1.3842
X-0.6127 Y-1.3879
X-0.6062 Y-1.3937 Z-0.1668
X-0.6035 Y-1.3961 Z-0.1665
X-0.5978 Y-1.4006 Z-0.166
X-0.5948 Y-1.4029 Z-0.1657
X-0.5887 Y-1.4072 Z-0.165
X-0.5857 Y-1.4092 Z-0.1646
X-0.5794 Y-1.413 Z-0.1638
X-0.5728 Y-1.4167 Z-0.163
X-0.5661 Y-1.4201 Z-0.162
X-0.5591 Y-1.4234 Z-0.1611
X-0.5522 Y-1.4263 Z-0.1602
X-0.545 Y-1.429 Z-0.1591
X-0.54 Y-1.4307 Z-0.1585
X-0.5323 Y-1.4331 Z-0.1575
X-0.5262 Y-1.4349 Z-0.1568
X-0.5187 Y-1.4368 Z-0.156
X-0.5091 Y-1.4299 Z-0.1463
X-0.4999 Y-1.423 Z-0.1371
X-0.4914 Y-1.4165 Z-0.1287
X-0.4837 Y-1.4103 Z-0.121
X-0.4766 Y-1.4044 Z-0.1139
X-0.47 Y-1.3988 Z-0.1073
X-0.4638 Y-1.3934 Z-0.1011
X-0.458 Y-1.3881 Z-0.0953
X-0.4489 Y-1.3795 Z-0.0862
X-0.4433 Y-1.3739 Z-0.0805
X-0.4027 Y-1.3334 Z-0.04
X-0.4433 Y-1.3739 Z-0.0805
X-0.4489 Y-1.3795 Z-0.0862
X-0.458 Y-1.3881 Z-0.0953
X-0.4638 Y-1.3934 Z-0.1011
X-0.47 Y-1.3988 Z-0.1073
X-0.4766 Y-1.4044 Z-0.1139
X-0.4837 Y-1.4103 Z-0.121
X-0.4914 Y-1.4165 Z-0.1287
X-0.4999 Y-1.423 Z-0.1371
X-0.5091 Y-1.4299 Z-0.1463
X-0.5187 Y-1.4368 Z-0.156
X-0.5071 Y-1.4501 Z-0.1444
X-0.4945 Y-1.4644 Z-0.1318
X-0.482 Y-1.478 Z-0.1193
X-0.4702 Y-1.4905 Z-0.1075
X-0.4629 Y-1.498 Z-0.1002
X-0.4027 Y-1.559 Z-0.04
G0 Z0.2
X-1.6549 Y-1.2367
G1 Z-0.0582 F28
X-1.6518 Y-1.239 Z-0.0619
X-1.6487 Y-1.2414 Z-0.0652
X-1.6445 Y-1.2445 Z-0.0693
X-1.6392 Y-1.2485 Z-0.0742
X-1.6328 Y-1.2533 Z-0.0798
X-1.6252 Y-1.259 Z-0.0861
X-1.6164 Y-1.2656 Z-0.0931
X-1.6064 Y-1.2732 Z-0.101
X-1.5835 Y-1.2906 Z-0.1186
X-1.5714 Y-1.2997 Z-0.1277
X-1.5604 Y-1.3074 Z-0.1355
X-1.5498 Y-1.3147 Z-0.1427
X-1.5395 Y-1.3214 Z-0.1494
X-1.5327 Y-1.3256 Z-0.1536
X-1.5254 Y-1.314 Z-0.142
X-1.5161 Y-1.2995 Z-0.1275
X-1.4591 Y-1.212 Z-0.04
X-1.5161 Y-1.2995 Z-0.1275
X-1.5254 Y-1.314 Z-0.142
X-1.5327 Y-1.3256 Z-0.1536
X-1.5313 Y-1.3285
X-1.5265 Y-1.3375 Z-0.1535
X-1.5214 Y-1.3462 Z-0.1533
X-1.516 Y-1.3548 Z-0.153
X-1.5144 Y-1.3571 Z-0.1529
X-1.5103 Y-1.3632 Z-0.1527
X-1.5043 Y-1.3711 Z-0.1524
X-1.4978 Y-1.3792 Z-0.1521
X-1.491 Y-1.3868 Z-0.1518
X-1.4839 Y-1.3941 Z-0.1516
X-1.4785 Y-1.3992 Z-0.1514
X-1.4765 Y-1.401
X-1.4694 Y-1.4072 Z-0.1512
X-1.4612 Y-1.4136 Z-0.1511
X-1.4532 Y-1.4193
X-1.4487 Y-1.4222 Z-0.151
X-1.4466 Y-1.4235
X-1.4419 Y-1.4264
X-1.4359 Y-1.4298 Z-0.1511
X-1.4273 Y-1.4343
X-1.4184 Y-1.4383 Z-0.1512
X-1.4161 Y-1.4393
X-1.4095 Y-1.4419 Z-0.1513
X-1.4006 Y-1.445
X-1.3937 Y-1.4471 Z-0.1514
X-1.3878 Y-1.4487
X-1.3817 Y-1.4501
X-1.3762 Y-1.4512 Z-0.1513
X-1.3698 Y-1.4523 Z-0.1512
X-1.3589 Y-1.4538 Z-0.1511
X-1.3537 Y-1.4543 Z-0.151
X-1.3466 Y-1.4549 Z-0.1508
X-1.3352 Y-1.4555 Z-0.1506
X-1.3241 Y-1.4558 Z-0.1505
X-1.3145 Z-0.1503
X-1.305 Y-1.4555 Z-0.1501
X-1.2955 Y-1.455 Z-0.15
X-1.286 Y-1.4541 Z-0.1499
X-1.2846 Y-1.454
X-1.2779 Y-1.4532
X-1.2675 Y-1.4517 Z-0.15
X-1.2586 Y-1.4501 Z-0.1501
X-1.2501 Y-1.4483 Z-0.1503
X-1.2419 Y-1.4463 Z-0.1505
X-1.2342 Y-1.4442 Z-0.1506
X-1.2271 Y-1.4419 Z-0.1508
X-1.2205 Y-1.4397 Z-0.151
X-1.2148 Y-1.4374 Z-0.1511
X-1.2112 Y-1.436 Z-0.1512
X-1.2081 Y-1.4346
X-1.1975 Y-1.4294 Z-0.1511
X-1.1947 Y-1.428
X-1.1844 Y-1.4221
X-1.1802 Y-1.4194
X-1.1746 Y-1.4158
X-1.1715 Y-1.4136
X-1.1655 Y-1.4093
X-1.1593 Y-1.4046
X-1.1563 Y-1.4022
X-1.1479 Y-1.3948
X-1.1444 Y-1.3916
X-1.1399 Y-1.3872
X-1.1369 Y-1.3842
X-1.1322 Y-1.3793
X-1.125 Y-1.371
X-1.1183 Y-1.3623 Z-0.151
X-1.1144 Y-1.357 Z-0.1509
X-1.1132 Y-1.3553 Z-0.151
X-1.1088 Y-1.3486 Z-0.1509
X-1.1059 Y-1.3441
X-1.1003 Y-1.3345 Z-0.1508
X-1.0951 Y-1.3245 Z-0.1507
X-1.0916 Y-1.3169 Z-0.1505
X-1.0904 Y-1.3142
X-1.0863 Y-1.3042 Z-0.1504
X-1.082 Y-1.2924 Z-0.1502
X-1.0786 Y-1.281 Z-0.15
X-1.0768 Y-1.274 Z-0.1499
X-1.0756 Y-1.2692
X-1.0735 Y-1.2594 Z-0.1497
X-1.073 Y-1.2569
X-1.0712 Y-1.2456 Z-0.1495
X-1.0699 Y-1.2356 Z-0.1493
X-1.0695 Y-1.2316
X-1.0685 Y-1.218 Z-0.1491
X-1.0681 Y-1.2042 Z-0.1489
Y-1.1973 Z-0.1488
X-1.0684 Y-1.1877 Z-0.1489
X-1.0686 Y-1.1832 Z-0.1488
X-1.0695 Y-1.1721 Z-0.149
X-1.0708 Y-1.1613 Z-0.1491
X-1.0713 Y-1.1575 Z-0.1493
X-1.0729 Y-1.1481 Z-0.1494
X-1.0738 Y-1.1439 Z-0.1496
X-1.0767 Y-1.1312 Z-0.15
X-1.0785 Y-1.1253 Z-0.1502
X-1.0803 Y-1.1194 Z-0.1505
X-1.0826 Y-1.1127 Z-0.1507
X-1.0842 Y-1.1085 Z-0.1509
X-1.088 Y-1.0993 Z-0.1513
X-1.0904 Y-1.0943 Z-0.1514
X-1.0932 Y-1.0886 Z-0.1517
X-1.0983 Y-1.0794 Z-0.1519
X-1.1017 Y-1.074 Z-0.152
X-1.1039 Y-1.0707 Z-0.1521
X-1.1099 Y-1.0621 Z-0.1522
X-1.1166 Y-1.0537 Z-0.1523
X-1.1184 Y-1.0515 Z-0.1522
X-1.1239 Y-1.0453 Z-0.1523
X-1.1311 Y-1.0379 Z-0.1522
X-1.1367 Y-1.0325 Z-0.1521
X-1.1411 Y-1.0285 Z-0.152
X-1.1494 Y-1.0214 Z-0.1518
X-1.1587 Y-1.0141 Z-0.1516
X-1.1621 Y-1.0115
X-1.1734 Y-1.0037 Z-0.1513
X-1.1878 Y-0.9945 Z-0.151
X-1.2024 Y-0.986 Z-0.1507
X-1.2184 Y-0.9775 Z-0.1503
X-1.2355 Y-0.969 Z-0.15
X-1.2546 Y-0.9604 Z-0.1495
X-1.2727 Y-0.9526 Z-0.1493
X-1.2914 Y-0.9448 Z-0.1492
X-1.3109 Y-0.9369 Z-0.1493
X-1.3185 Y-0.9338 Z-0.1494
X-1.3533 Y-0.9198 Z-0.15
X-1.3734 Y-0.9113 Z-0.1501
X-1.392 Y-0.9029
X-1.4078 Y-0.8954 Z-0.1499
X-1.419 Y-0.8898 Z-0.1498
X-1.4253 Y-0.8864
X-1.4297 Y-0.884 Z-0.1497
X-1.4399 Y-0.8782 Z-0.1496
X-1.4502 Y-0.8719 Z-0.1495
X-1.4532 Y-0.8699
X-1.4603 Y-0.865
X-1.4651 Y-0.8616 Z-0.1496
X-1.4705 Y-0.8575
X-1.4757 Y-0.8533 Z-0.1498
X-1.4765 Y-0.8526
X-1.4851 Y-0.845 Z-0.15
X-1.4869 Y-0.8433 Z-0.1501
X-1.4934 Y-0.8368 Z-0.1503
X-1.5001 Y-0.8293 Z-0.1506
X-1.5055 Y-0.8225 Z-0.1509
X-1.5072 Y-0.8204 Z-0.151
X-1.5129 Y-0.8122 Z-0.1513
X-1.518 Y-0.8038 Z-0.1515
X-1.5227 Y-0.7952 Z-0.1517
X-1.527 Y-0.7863 Z-0.1518
X-1.531 Y-0.7768 Z-0.1517
X-1.5322 Y-0.7738 Z-0.1516
X-1.5348 Y-0.7667 Z-0.1515
X-1.5383 Y-0.7558 Z-0.1511
X-1.5401 Y-0.7492 Z-0.1509
X-1.5414 Y-0.744 Z-0.1507
X-1.5427 Y-0.7387 Z-0.1505
X-1.5442 Y-0.7312 Z-0.1503
X-1.5462 Y-0.7188 Z-0.1499
X-1.5474 Y-0.7095 Z-0.1497
X-1.5481 Y-0.702
X-1.5487 Y-0.6941 Z-0.1496
X-1.549 Y-0.6829
X-1.5491 Y-0.6795
X-1.5487 Y-0.6649 Z-0.1497
X-1.5482 Y-0.6565 Z-0.1498
X-1.5476 Y-0.651 Z-0.1499
X-1.5463 Y-0.6409 Z-0.15
X-1.545 Y-0.6329 Z-0.1501
X-1.5434 Y-0.6255 Z-0.1502
X-1.5418 Y-0.6184 Z-0.1503
X-1.5405 Y-0.6136
X-1.5378 Y-0.6047 Z-0.1504
X-1.5364 Y-0.6005 Z-0.1503
X-1.5329 Y-0.5915 Z-0.1504
X-1.5308 Y-0.5864 Z-0.1503
X-1.5279 Y-0.5798 Z-0.1502
X-1.524 Y-0.572 Z-0.1501
X-1.5205 Y-0.5654 Z-0.15
X-1.5184 Y-0.5619 Z-0.1499
X-1.5132 Y-0.5534 Z-0.1497
X-1.5083 Y-0.5462 Z-0.1496
X-1.5029 Y-0.5388 Z-0.1494
X-1.4979 Y-0.5323 Z-0.1493
X-1.4917 Y-0.5249 Z-0.1492
X-1.4875 Y-0.5201 Z-0.1491
X-1.478 Y-0.5101 Z-0.1492
X-1.4716 Y-0.5038 Z-0.1493
X-1.4653 Y-0.498 Z-0.1495
X-1.4594 Y-0.4929 Z-0.1496
X-1.4538 Y-0.4884 Z-0.1497
X-1.4494 Y-0.4851 Z-0.1498
X-1.4433 Y-0.4807
X-1.4382 Y-0.4775 Z-0.1499
X-1.4334 Y-0.4745 Z-0.1498
X-1.4283 Y-0.4717 Z-0.1497
X-1.4251 Y-0.4701 Z-0.1496
X-1.418 Y-0.4666 Z-0.1494
X-1.4124 Y-0.4642 Z-0.1491
X-1.4072 Y-0.4622 Z-0.1488
X-1.3999 Y-0.4596 Z-0.1485
X-1.3928 Y-0.4573 Z-0.148
X-1.3885 Y-0.4561 Z-0.1477
X-1.3786 Y-0.4535 Z-0.1472
X-1.3692 Y-0.4515 Z-0.1467
X-1.3589 Y-0.4497 Z-0.1462
X-1.3495 Y-0.4483 Z-0.1459

@VegasBuilds The gcode shows that the feed rate is 28 inches/minute as your chart says. You mentioned that each test has a different feed and speed. However, your chart shows the same feed (40) and speed for tests 1, 3 and 5. Then a different feed (28) and speed for tests 2, 4 and 6.

You’ve only shown the gcode for test 2, but it’s likely safe to conclude that all the others would show the same thing; that is, the gcode does reflect what you are putting into F360.

It does not make sense, then, that there is no difference in the feed rate between the two groups of tests. You should see a difference in the feed rate between test 1 and test 2, for example.

I’m sorry,but, I can’t help any more. Maybe someone else here can jump in, but your gcode and your experience seem to contradict each other.

Hey Grant,

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out. I am going to run some tests with much slower feed rates to see if they are all the same again. Something where it will be very obvious when it starts cutting. Thank you again for helping me out.

@VegasBuilds You’re very welcome, Braeden. Your speed should not be the problem. I run my 60° and 90° 1/2" vbits at between 80 and 100 ipm with the router at top speed and they cut well. Poplar can be gnarly and you are cutting along the grain, which adds to possible issues. You may want to try higher speeds, higher feeds, and cross grain, just to see how it looks. Your pass depths seem conservative, so I wouldn’t think that is an issue. Is your bit sharp?

I believe it is sharp but I will try a different bit to see if that is the issue.

Thank you for the help!

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Hey Grant,

I wanted to give you an update and let you know I was able to solve the issue. After becoming really frustrated with another cut I noticed my router was moving more than normal. I then started to check all the nuts and bolts and noticed that the router holder was loose. This was causing the router to cut close to what the image was but any resistance in the x direction caused the router to move. Here is a photo of an example of what I was talking about. I had to take some of the machine apart in-order to reach the screws, but after doing that, it worked great! Thanks again for helping me out!