Fusion 360 Post Processor Issue


Hi all. I’ve been using the Arduino simulator and testing G code output from Fusion 360 on UGS and found a consistent problem. Fusion wants to add a line specifying the tool number and spindle speed, neither of which UGS and GRBL will tolerate. You can edit the line out of the code every time but that’s a drag, and there are no sttings to turn the output off. I found an Autodesk solution by Seth that includes a new GRBL post processor for Fusion. You merely download the file and replace the one currently in Fusion. Works great. If you want the file either search Autodesk help for the ‘tool and spindle speed problem’, or let me know and I’ll forward it to you.
Have a good one.

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You can take that line out when you open it. I cannot remember how exactly Andy and Chris know for sure. You open the file take it out and resave it then you can run it in the UGS.


If you change the post processor, which takes all of about 2 minutes, you don’t have to edit anything. And it’s from an AutoDesk expert, so it’s stable and works.