Fusion 360 Tool Library

I was wondering if Sienci has a Fusion tool library file for the bits they offer on the site? It would certainly reduce the input time on my end :wink:


I’m trying to see if we can wrap up making one by next week. Ping me again the week after if I don’t remember to get back to you


I would be interested in having Fusion tool library as well. Do you mind sharing this with me as well?

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I’ve gotten in to the practice of measuring my individual bits for my tool library.

No tooling is going to be exact on spec and if you’re making interfacing parts, you’ll want to be as accurate as possible.

@drrkdrrk That’s a good point, Derrick. Some time ago, Bill Korn mentioned that he had measured some 1/8" bits and they were .118". That got me measuring some of mine and, while some were actually .125, most were between .117 and .118. When you are trying to get parts to mate, that’s a big difference.

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Fair point, but having the library built and ready for editing is a good start :wink:

gentle nudge :smiley:

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I would note that when it comes to measuring the tool diameter using the flute may not be accurate especially with some bits that don’t have flutes that are centered. When the bit rotates, the outer path that it takes ends up covering 0.125in.

You may have to position your measuring device in a way that touches off multiple parts of the flute to get an accurate measurement.

Just a note, although it is possible that some bits may be out of spec either way.

@andy I completely agree, Andy. Both Bill and I determined the real size by cutting shapes and measuring them. I misspoke when I talked about measuring bits.
I have some .125" bits that, when I cut a 2" square, using .125" as the bit diameter, the square is a perfect 2" square. I have others that I need to set the bit size to .118" to get the same square.

In the same vein, there is a toolpath online that lets you check the true angle of V-bits. Using that, I found some of my V-bits were spot on and others were out by as much as 2°.

I suppose that I could reduce the incidence of this by buying better quality bits. Who knows?