Fusion360 Machine Configuration

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I would like to know where I can get all of the machine specs to setup my Long Mill w/ Makita router configuration in Fusion360?


I think you just need to select Autodesk Generic 3 Axis for “Machine” in “Setup” in “Manufacture.”

Yes you can, but you should get better gcode if you have the correct parameters in the machine configuration.

Sienci has not yet released an official machine config for F360 but someone on here took a stab at it. I don’t have the thread handy but they posted the XML file as an nc file so it would post. Try searching for XML.


Rob, welcome to the fun.

There’s really nothing specific to the LongMill you need to set up to get good results. Make sure when you add new tools to the tool library that you assign speeds and feeds that are appropriate for the cutter, and that take into account the low power of the router and the rigidity of the machine. ‘Hobbyist’ machines like the LongMill, Shapeoko, X-Carve, etc. are more flexible than production machines and therefore cannot be pushed as hard. Winstoy Moy, both on his own and as a Carbide 3D spokesman, has good YouTube videos for setting speeds and feeds in common materials, and good recommendations for Fusion toolpaths to use.

When you generate your gcode in F360 make sure you select the grbl post. And if you use Universal G-Code Sender you should deselect a couple of defaults in the F360 Post Process window - deselect G28 Safe Retracts, which can drag your cutter, and Output M6, which UGS does not support and will choke on. UGS also doesn’t like tool numbers above, I think, 200, so deselect Output Tool Number if you have high tool numbers.

Let us know how you’re making out.

Have fun. Stay safe.


Thank Bill, I appreciate the advice. I’m looking at using GrblGru, any experience with it?

I did try GrblGru early on, and while it is an amazing group of tools, and can do some things others can’t, I found the interface a little crowded. I like the probing and curved stock support. I find that UGS handles Fusion 360 files very well for the most part, and I learned how to get around some of its foibles, so I didn’t go back. UGS is one of the most popular senders, there is a ton of user support, and it’s updated regularly. But, GrblGru is definitely on my list of down-the-road retries.

If you’re looking for alternatives to UGS, I tried some others that were interesting. I liked Candle - clean,works well with grbl; Grbl Panel - also clean, a little shaky sometimes; OpenBuilds Control - I think this one is worth some additional time, but it seems like every other time I try it it balks. It binds with OpenBuildsCad, so you can send right from the design page. Pretty cool. So, for the time being UGS it is. Other people have asked about GrblGru, so if you get into it there will be a lot of interest in how you make out.

Have fun. Stay safe.


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Thought I’d contribute to this old post that there was a recent video done by Product Design Online that also walks through the Machine Configuration process with the LM in mind :slight_smile:

Create a Custom Machine Configuration in Fusion 360 for Hobby CNCs