G code sender not reading BobCAD/CAM NC files

Does anyone out there use BobCAD/CAM? I’m using the GRBL post processor they sent me which appears to work fine but the NC file it creates gives an error on the UGS platform (recommended) when I try to open it as follows “G code error, multiple codes requiring axis words on one line, G0, G80” I’m new to this so any insights out there on what’s the problem? Thanks

No idea here. May have to wait and see about Chriss or Andy looking at your problem. Sorry.

Looking at Mach Motion web site. Note the following comment on G0 - It is an error if all axis words are omitted. In otherwords X_Y_Z_.

This is what it says about G80 - G80 Cancel Canned Cycles
Program G80 to ensure no axis motion will occur. It is an error if:
Axis words are programmed when G80 is active, unless a modal group 0 G code is programmed which uses axis words.

You can probably delete that line of code the way I see it but you may want to make an “AIR” run to make sure it doesn’t do anything and bypasses the error. It seems to be just a modal command that clears any canned cycles. Not sure exactly what canned cycles are. I’m guessing pre-programmed moves.

Yeah it sounds to me that their post-processor is trying to stick a G0 and a G80 on the same line which GRBL machines don’t support, to my knowledge. If you open the NC file with Notepad or another text editor, then you should see the G0 and G80 text right near the top of the file. If you delete the G80 command then it should fix your problem.

Could you send Andy or I an email with the NC file attached? I’ll have a look at it on our end to see if the BobCAD/CAM is preparing the files properly.

Thanks for your prompt help. I was on the phone with a BobCAD/CAM tech rep today and without him doing anything SUCCESS! We posted an NC file from the same CAD file I’ve been working with and it worked. He thinks the problem was BobCAD defaulting to the Mach 3 post processor which creates the error. I did upgrade Java 8 but he thinks there’s no connection to the problem there. I’ve yet to assemble my LongMill so no dry runs. To my annoyance I was required to purchase a 6 month tech support plan from BobCAD/CAM so you may hear from us again.

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@SDS it sounds to me like you’ve got this problem sorted now, good :+1:

In case you were interested, I was taking a look through the g-code you sent us and also found that another issue with the BobCAD/CAM post-processor was that it was trying to initialize ‘tool length offset’ in the g-code. This is actually supported by the LongMill firmware since it’s the most up-to-date version of GRBL, but where it would be getting confused is that the LongMill would be looking for a command that looks something like this “G43.1 Z0.250” whereas the post-processor was making it look like this “G43. H3 Z1.”. So there you go, just a fun fact I suppose :wink:

I informed BobCAD/CAM of your discovery. Of the many post processors they provide two are GRBL based. One works and the other, which you obviously have, doesn’t. Their a pretty good bunch over there and will probably address this issue.

Thank you Chris

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