Gcode questions

Newbie here with a couple of questions
Although the dimensions in my gcode seem to be fine my Silverback is cutting them very small.
Also, spindle speed in the code, is this ‘spinlde’??

@Penllysbach Welcome to the group, Gill.

For anyone here to help with this, we need more information, please.

  1. How did you generate the gcode? That is, what is your cad/cam program and what post processor did you use?

  2. What code sender are you using - gSender, UGS, etc?

  3. Even though the gcode that is giving you these results seem to be fine, uploading a copy here will help people help you.

  4. Is the small carving issue true for all projects?

  5. Are you running a spindle or a router?

Hi, code was generated from inkscape and am using gsender.
Seems I cannot attach a copy of the gsender generated file … not an allowed format.
Cannot inclue the code below as too big!
Am running a spindle

@Penllysbach Thanks, but there is still not enough information.

  1. What post processor did you use to create the gcode in Inkscape. I have never used Inkscape to create gcode so I don’t know wha your choices are.

  2. gSender does not generate a file. All it does is read the gcode file and run it. What format did Inkscape create? If it is one that is not on the list of acceptable formats, simply change the extension to .gcode.

  3. I don’t understand your statement about the file being too big, since you said that it was not in an acceptable format.

4.I watched a Youtube video where the user said that for versions of inkscape other than .91, there were issues with dimensions. What version of Inkscape are you running?

Thanks for the response.

  1. I used the gcode tools within Inkscape.
  2. Inkscape creates the file for gsender to run.
  3. I was trying to include the code in this text box but too big.
  4. Inkscape 1.2

@Penllysbach I think that I’ve taken this as far as I can, Gill. I’m sorry that I cannot be of more help.

Hopefully, someone here that uses Inkscape as their toolpath creator will be able to help you with your problem. In my experience, you need to choose a post processor in the CAM software when creating the gcode. Choosing the wrong one will give wrong results.

I don’t know what your project is, but I am surprised that the gcode file is too big to attach at a post. Don’t try to copy and paste it, just attach the gcode file.

You may have better luck asking this in a forum or group dedicated to Inkscape. I believe that is where your issue lies, not with gSender.

@Penllysbach I’ve moved your topic to the software board. With luck, it may get more attention here.