Gerber 404 ( 4x4 ) Retrofit

I have two Gerber 404 routers from 1997. I have already gutted the electronics, DC servos needing 3 phase power, and am starting over. Would this be a good choice a a controller. I will need to use high torque nema 23 motors and have started building a Mach3/4, UCCNC controller, but I am intrigued by this having the 4th axis capability. I have made a similar post at Openbuilds as I currently us a Blackbox X32 on my Onefinity. Looking for input. Any would be appreciated.

Hi Kenneth! That’s a great question,

For retrofits and self-builds there are a lot of options out there that could likely work for your setup. For the most part the inspiration for the SLB came from trying to take things that would normally only be found on more expensive or ‘closed’ boards and bring them into the open-source domain and at a more affordable price. For instance I think there are many things that put the SLB at the same level as something like the Blackbox x32, but some of our further extensability might weigh more in our favour or if the person was looking for a direct wireless connection then the Blackbox might be abetter choice.

I can’t find much on your machine but it’s feasible the SLB could support it. I don’t want to claim that the SLB will be the best solution, at least not for now until we introduce more features down the road, since it also depends on your budget - I think if your budget is in the range of the SLB then it’ll definitely suit you well but if you want to use a Mach or UCCNC system and pay extra and use their ecosystem them I’m sure that would work fine too.

Thanks for the input.