Getting closer to a business name!

Think I’ve settled on Revolution Woodworking as the name so now I’m starting on the design of the logo. I need/want it to be simple enough that I can put it on the back of my projects, eventually being able to laser burn it and can’t take a lot of time to carve. This one is a 8 minute carve for a 8x8. The size will be much smaller on the backs of the products, thinking 3x3. Thoughts?


I love it @EdwardS!!! Really, Edward, that is perfect! The only other thing I would consider is changing the axes to two American flags in the same format. I want to use a saw blade in my logo as well. Just haven’t gotten that far yet.

Keep moving forward my friend!

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Thanks Jake, I’ll see what I can come up with. Like the idea!

Heck even one small American flag would be cool. :us:

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