Getting "dots" on the Z axis using Easel

Hey guys, I’ve just started getting this for some unknown reason. When I’ve been cutting I’ve been getting the odd “dot” as you can see where the bit has decided for some reason to just drop a quick dot into my cuts. Can’t figure it out. I’ve attached a pic to show. It isn’t a dropped bit because it sort of just happens and it looks like the end of a line cut where it just “dots” the end of the line. Any thoughts?

@Chyren Does it only happen on this file, Gary? If so, can you post a dxf?

How did you create the file?

An svg website. or something like that

I will try other sources and see

@Chyren I found and downloaded the file. However, when I try to import it into VCarvePro, I get an error message saying that some vectors are missing. The imported file only contains a small portion of the logo, so I won’t be able to look at it.

That might be the issue then. Maybe bad files?

@Chyren It could be. I was able to import it into inkscape, then write it out as a .dxf file that VCarvePro opened with no issues. You may want to try to do the same thing.

As you likely already know, these logos are copyrighted.

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#gohabsgo is what I am sure you meant