Getting started with cutting

Ok I have vectric cut 2 ( on my laptop)have designed a project how do I get from there to get info loaded into my long mill from my laptop

Have you created the toolpaths/gcode?

I’m not a vectric user so I don’t know the lingo but you will need to save the tool paths to your computer.

Then open up gsender, ugs, or whatever program you are using to control your CNC.

Zero all your XYZ axis for your project material.

Load the tool path file/gcode.

Double-check that your hold-downs are tightened and not in the path of your bit.

Start Job

Stay there to monitor the job in case of something goes wrong

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I have VCarve Desktop, not cut 2, but from what I can tell the programs are very similar. These are the steps for a project in VCarve.

  1. Setup material, can change later if needed

  2. Make or import the vectors that make up the design

  3. Create tool paths from the vectors, profile, pocket etc…

  4. Save the tool paths with the correct post processor for your machine, Grbl (in) or Grbl (mm) for the LongMill

  5. Load a .gcode file created in step 4 into gSender

  6. Zero the machine to what you set up in Cut2, center, front left …

  7. Run the job

Those are the basic steps, I hope I’m not missing something obvious.

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