Getting started

I have an image to scan that I would like to try and carve out. What file type is best to save it as, what file type is best to import it as, what program is best to ‘design’ it in, etc…

In layman’s terms, what are the 1-2-3 basic steps to get an image into the pc so I can enhance it and spit it out to my laptop and carve it?


Well If you open it in Inkscape which you can DL a free version you can save it into an STL file. Then you can manipulate it in what ever way you need. Then you can resave it to import it into Camlabs to generate the gcode. Then send it to the machine through UGS. It sounds worse than it is.

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Thanks Sir Gregory…I kept missing that first save as an STL file step and was getting frustrated. I probably should have gone to bed first and watched the video when I got up.

Inkscape gives you an option to what format you want to save it too.