Grid pattern tool

My suggestion would be to add a grid pattern to the wasteboard i.e. the grid tool would work like the surfacing tool. It would make it 1 step closer to ready to work and It would enable people who have desktop version software of v-carve to grid their wasteboard without having to purchase the pro version until ready.

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You have to surface any new waste board so wouldn’t this remove the grid pattern or are you talking about a routine in gSender to mill a grid pattern after surfacing?

Kevin, what would be the parameters for this grid? How would the maximum X and Y be determined? In other words, the machine can only work within an envelope of the machine size, and there are many machine sizes.

How many lines / inch in the X and Y directions? How deep would the Z cut? (I would use my laser to draw the lines without Z depth. How would that option be handled?)

What about obstacles in / on the wasteboard? How would one avoid them and still perform the grid function? Many folks have metal T tracks and some (like me) have threaded inserts in the wasteboard.

Can’t go anywhere unless you start.

I think @engraver99 is making the suggestion to add functionality to gsender. The things you suggest would be what the development team could support/create for gsender.

Its a good suggestion. Many people don’t want to fork out the money for the pro version for the large 48x30 longmill. With a grid setup/function in gsender, you could get desktop version, and have a full grid for aligning work spaces.

Also, he is not suggesting its mandatory. So, if you have tracks and stuff higher than the waste board you simply wouldn’t use it. Might not be for everyone, but the option could save a good portion of money for a lot of them.


you said it well shipwreck! It would also go for the smaller longmills since they are all above 30" on one axis and the desktop versions only cover 24 or 25"

I am at that point now. cnc is square, wasteboard is surfaced and now I’d like to put a grid on it maybe 1mm ( i guess the depth could be limited here)deep for reference points but don’t want to spend $350 to upgrade to pro just to do it. :frowning: If there wqas a grid tool I suppose 1 could set the x or y for machine or use the sensors data if you have themm to set the size, then select the size square in the grid you’d like say 2", select a starting point and then let the magic of the engineers calculate how to get her done like they did with the wasteboard surfacing tool. IDK makes sense to me.

talking about a new gsender tool to use once wasteboard is surfaced

Suit yourselves. If you don’t help with the solution by supplying the parameters, then you inevitably stand alone.

I believe that it is clear that the suggestion is. I am closing the thread, but be assured, @engraver99, that the Sienci gSender group will see your suggestion and can open the thread if they have an update.