gSender 0.6.9 Feedback Thread: bug fixes and outlining

The M0 command is one that tells any CNC machine that it needs to ‘pause’ moving until the user ‘resumes’ the program. If you’re encountering an M0 in the program, you’ll just need to click resume again and the program should continue cutting

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Gsender and KiriMoto Questions:

In KiriMoto, you can setup for multiple routing functions such as starting with a milling bit cutout, then doing coarse roughout milling, then doing finishing countour cuts with a different bit. KiriMoto inserts codes for milling stops, or pauses, to accomodate tool changes. So far so good. Now, what does not happen is that the tool change pause does not insert code to pull the tool up to Z0+some additional space and then return to X0, Y0 so you can make the tool change.

Now, tie that with GSender and it not allowing manual cursor control movement of the router at the tool change pauses and it causes problems for running a GRBL GCode file from beginning to end with tool changes. In fact I have found that between GSender and KiriMoto that the tool fo4 some reason plunges lower at the tool change pause and GSender seems to loose its Z0, X0, and Y0 refference.

I tested this out on a 19mm hemisphere carveout. The initial cutout around the hemisphere went to the radius depth of 19mm - good so far, the rough out cut with the same bit (no tool change but a seperate operation) then proceeded normally. At the end of this cut, where a pause happens for a tool change to a round nose cutter I wanted to use, the mill cutter was plunged into the side of the sphere edge to about 1/2 the full depth of the milling operation (about 9mm) and then paused for the tool change. Now, GSender will not allow mouse cursor control to raise the mill bit and move it to the tool change location manually so I would have clearance to remove and replace the bit. So I went to GSender console and raised the mill using G0 Z20 and then G0 X0 Y0 to accommodate the tool change. Then I lowered the ball cutter to Z0 with a console command of G0 Z0 and tightened the new bit into the collet (easiest way to zero your tool change). When I un-paused for the remainder of the milling operation, GSender lost its zero refference for Z0 and completed the milling only to the initial end operation plunge depth (about 9mm).

Is this something I have to work around, if so, how? I hate the idea of having to run individual files for each tool - that seems unnecessarily complex even though the VCarve software has you do this.

Why doesn’t GSender accomodate tool changes by moving the mill upto Z0+some added offset for tool change, followed by a move to X0, Y0 for the tool change. Also, why not allow cursor control at these tool change pause points without loosing it refferences?

Scott in Harwood, MD

and KiriMoto Questions

Hi Scott :wave: right now gSender would be able to move up and out of the way for tool changes when you specify that in the tool changing settings menu.

We’re still trying to look into allowing movement while the program is paused since - believe it or not - this is normally not allowed to happen in any gcode sender because there’s a lot of complexity involved in keeping track of the bit movement after the pause and before you resume again. I can understand what you’re trying to accomplish though. I’ll note it down

Hi everyone! I’m going to start closing these old release threads since as soon as a new version is released any comments or issues can be directed to the most recent release feedback thread.

If anyone that reported an issue here is still experiencing it, I would be grateful if you could update me and the development team here :slight_smile:: Official 0.7.2 Release Thread: Improvements for endstops, axis setting, and more - #12 by DLare