gSender 0.6.9 review

Good Morning. I wanted to note the following improvements with the gSender 0.6.9 software. Running a small laptop with Windows 10 64 bit, I did a gSender uninstall and a complete registry cleaning. First the File load now works when not connected to the internet. The M0 codes have been addressed so I just remove all the M0 codes in the gcode file and it works smoothly without pause or error codes. The new Program Events works perfectly as this is where I place my M8 and M9 commands for coolant/router start and stop. the keyboard shortcuts have some nice new features that work great. Stay away from the outline feature as it drives the bit into your stock. Overall this version 0.6.9 is now meeting all my needs and is stable. Thank you team and keep up the great work.


Good morning I’m making these comments just as a reference for you

Just so you know that there are files that are stored in the app data of the windows installed that are usually not cleaned up and if you don’t know that they’re there the next install will just use them

Not saying you did anything wrong I just want to point out that they’re there

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Well thank you very much for pointing that out Stephen. And yes I do know of all the hidden files and registry entries. I will go so far as to suggest that most people are ending up disappointed with the next software version because of the earlier installs and potential registry overlap issues. This is why I did the uninstall and complete windows registry cleanup to avoid past issues. Therefore I must have done something right, and been able to report favorably on the current software issue of gSender 0.6.9.

Out of experience.

remember to reset your Safe Z height!

Oh I cant tell you the trauma that caused before that was figured out

Why do you have M0s in your code if you don’t want them there?

I believe that the software Carbide Create and the series puts M0 in as a default.

I know Vectric software does not put any

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Yup. At some point Carbide 3D will open up post processors for editing.