gSender 0.7.0 Feedback Thread: bug fixes and outlining

Let me start by saying I was originally planning on scheduling this post to come out tomorrow afternoon since I’m taking the day off while the other guys will be publishing the new gSender version by end-of-day, but it appears I cannot find that option so I’ll just get this posted now while y’all wait in anticipation :smiley:

This has been one of our longer development cycles - three weeks - and I’m really really proud of what the team has been able to accomplish. We’re continuing to work our hardest to get bugs chased down and eliminated, get gSender to run smoother and more reliably, implement new features that are being requested, and all of this to move towards our first stable release: version 1.0.

What’s new?

  • Start from line
  • Macro descriptions and reordering
  • Nearly doubled speed of file information processing (dimensions, cut time, etc.)
  • New refactor of visualization processing which should speed up visualization as well as possibly prevent visualization freezing up
  • Added fixed input on console tab
  • Joystick support

Moving forward, we’re going to be adding even more tweaks here and there for efficiencies as well as we’ll be waiting on standby for any possible bugs from this release. We hope the changes we’ve already make with this release which I covered in my last feedback thread - though it was quite the overhaul - will already bring better reliability across all operating systems.

Topics I’ve noticed feedback on that we’ll be looking to address soon:

New documentation will soon be on it’s way for the new features. Just today I released a swath of further new information regarding features that were introduced in the past two releases and last week I did a full live-stream to answer questions regarding gSender!

If you’ve encountered any bugs or have feedback on this new release, let’s discuss! Thanks all for your continued feedback which helps us make gSender better and better by the week :rocket:

Happy Thursday to you all and enjoy your weekend!


0.7.0 is now available to download :slightly_smiling_face:

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