gSender 1.0.4 Release

Hey folks,

Busy times at Sienci - we have a few exciting projects on the go on the software side of things. We’ve put some time over the last week in fixing some recurring issues/feedback in gSender and have a new build available for you. We also have added support for a few upcoming new offerings from the company itself, such as the MK2 with new machine profiles and firmware images, and a soon-to-be released novel probe touchplate. We’re also slowly adding more and more laser-specific features to improve the workflow of anyone with the new laser module.

As always, we all appreciate the continued feedback and growing community here!

Major Changes

  • Add support for distinct Spindle min/max and laser min/max while in laser or spindle mode
  • “Pause” toolchange workflow renamed to “Manual”, and now allows jogging and macros to be run
  • Default feedrate in “start from line” now reflects file unit modal
  • Fixed issue where units weren’t always consistent on Go-To buttons leading to Z plunge
  • Tool diameter selection hidden on Z probe to prevent user confusion.
  • Lowered minimum resolution from 1280X960 to 1024X768 and added responsiveness to account for that.
  • Trimmed machine profile list to generic set and made it more obvious that machine dimensions are as reported from EEPROM.
  • Added MK2 machine profiles and support for default settings for new machines.
  • Updated firmware images for MK1 and MK2
  • Fixed regression where comments weren’t properly stripped before sending to GBRL
  • Corrections to Auto-diameter probe profiles
  • Fixed issue where T commands could cause errors when on a line with M6 commands
  • Stop job should now consistently reset board (0x18) as intended
  • Fixed various tooltip errors
  • Fixed issue where calibration tools weren’t using correct jog controls

still having pause bug after tool change code executes. program will resume, run for a second or two then pause. happens after every tool change. im able to resume with no problems. its just an annoyance. besides that the program is looking great and i think im ready to retire bCNC for GSENDER full time.

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This current discussion has made me skip 1.0.4 . I’ll wait for the fixes.

regarding the pause “bug”:

after doing some testing this morning I’ve found a work around. If i remove the final M0 from my post code i dont get the custom message but the machine will return to the tool change position and wait for a resume. This is working fine for me.

So i’ve modified my post code to below: (this is a modified version from Neil F)

G53 X0 Y-10
G53 Z-58
G38.2 z-45 F100
G0 z2
G38.2 z-5 F40	;"dial-it-in" probes
G4 P.25
G38.4 z10 F20
G4 P.25
G38.2 z-2 F10
G4 P.25
G38.4 z10 F5
G4 P.25

; Update Z offset for new tool
G10 L20 Z[global.state.TOOL_REFERENCE]

G0 Z5
G53 Z-10
G53 X171.5 Y-200
; Restore modal state