gSender 1.0.5 Release

Small bug fix release to tackle a few issues, and those using the toolchange workflow should now be happy to see that T commands should now be shown on the UI when found alongside M6!

We’ll be looking to do a spring cleaning release in the near-ish future to refactor some portions of the program that need improvement and fix more process-intensive outstanding issues, but hope this addresses some immediate concerns.

The PI build will be delayed until early next week due to technical issues, but is forthcoming.

As always, we appreciate all reports and community feedback.

Patch Notes

  • Tool commands now emitted to UI if they occur alongside M6 commands
  • Start from line should more consistently set feedrate/spindle rate
  • Fixed issue where laser min and laser max were reversed on initializing laser mode.
  • Rewrite of jog UI control to gain more consistent behaviour
  • Alterations to jog keybinds to gain more consistent behaviour
  • Added logic on toolchange to prevent sender from starting before post hook is complete
  • Alterations to profile default spindle min and max and laser min and max values

Excited to check this out! Really turning into a solid sender with all the modern bells and whistles that GRBL senders usually lack. I’ll be testing on my my HDM next week.

Also consider this a request to add the HDM as a default machine profile :sweat_smile:

HDM what is it? I am new to all these alphabet used the describe something. Please help.

using 1.05 outline locked up twice on me.


HDM is a new Shapeoko CNC. Stands for Heavy Duty Machine.