gSender 1.0.6 Release

Slight delay in getting these up since there was a hiccup in the forum upgrade process, but here we are, a new gSender version.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed issue that could cause continuous jog to fail in some situations with soft limits enabled
  • Fixed issues with start probe and confirm probe keybinds
  • Laser offset now saved and applied correctly
    –Fixed mouse button combination that could crash visualizer
  • WCS is reset to current selection on job stop
  • Movement modal included in start-from-line functionality
  • Start-from-line should prefer selected WCS if different from default G54
  • Fixed issue with spindle max/min not saving in some situations
  • Disabled surfacing generation when job is running
  • Laser/Spindle EEPROM ($31) and spindle/laser min/max should more accurately be reflected in firmware UI
  • Macro movement and re-ordering should be easier and more consistent.
  • Start-from-line should use a more sane decimal place for position values
  • Dependency updates

Is the safe height in gsender added on to the safe height I set when creating a gcode in carveco? It seemed to be higher than before. I meant to actually check it prior to turning in for the day but forgot till I saw this thread. I’ll look at it more in the morning but it also seems like it was raising to the safe height like it normally does (only higher) but if I click the “go-to” button again, it would raise up to another safe height from that height? Did that make any sense?

Good to see the board back up.


Just updated to 1.0.6 so will have to tinker with it with a known good gcode but I usually just run the file and see what happens.
I set the safe height in the vectric software and didn’t change anything in gsender. Like really nothing. If it connects to the longmill, I’d think it’s working and the gcode created loaded and is running just fine. Only broke a bit once, it was my fault and a sound I will never forget. Probe Z and safe Z are two different things though, safe Z comes from the software that generated the gcode usually

I just got back in from the shop and it is adding the two safe heights together during a toolpath. If I’m jogging the router on its own then it only uses the safe height that is keyed in gSender. Click start job and the safe height becomes the sum of the two, lifting my dust collection off the dust shoe.

It wasn’t always like that, was it?

Ran a few files created in Aspire 11 in gSender 1.0.6 and could not reproduce the duplication of Z error. Did you update carveco recently? Z probe and XYZ probe show normal numbers. So normal from v1.0.3 Also normal from Aspire v11. Sounds like we need more info from the carveco side

Safe height in gSender is only used when using the GoTo buttons. It is never applied to your toolpath or running program. Do you have something in your Start Program block for start/stop G-Code in preferences that could be causing the Z axis to lift? Otherwise I’d lean towards it a configuration issue in your post-processor.

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Out of curiosity, will the armv7l.deb assets continue to be avaible? I noticed it didn’t show for a little while in 1.0.5, and haven’t noticed it in 1.0.6.

P.s I’ve enjoyed using GSender, I appreciate the work. Thank you. I’ve created an account here to contribute bug reports and feedback.

Best Regards

Hey, Kevin. What about when a running gcode file is stopped with onscreen “STOP” button?

Just stop using all of the fancy buttons at first

Well, everything is fine now. I don’t know what I did prior but it only moved up to a single safe height today.

@chrismakesstuff @KGN

CNCjs recently released v1.9.25

Does gSender (1.0.6) include recent changes to CNCjs as they are released?

How can we know what version of CNCjs gSender is based on?

We don’t incorporate changes CNCjs make. The projects have diverged enough over the past year and a half to the point it wouldn’t be worth it, especially given that the majority of updates that have happened in CNCjs have been small additions to non-grbl controllers or localization changes.

@CrookedWoodTex If CNCjs brings out new, novel functionality then we’d definitely be on top of implementing similar features to gSender. As Kevin said, the new releases have very few changes: support added for Norwegian language, fixes for Marlin support, Docker build updates, and some line reporting - not much that affects the large base of users

@KGN @chrismakesstuff Well, then its appropriate to thank you guys for keeping on top of this stuff.

I switched to gSender for the UI, and I haven’t been disappointed.

I am being very cautious in upgrading to 1.0.6 from 1.0.4, but perhaps that will change soon.

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I don’t know if I have something set wrong or not. I had to finish a cut from yesterday and so I used the start from line feature. It did not go to the full safe height of 1 inch. It ended up dragging across two aluminum clamps. The bit did great though and came out like a champ.

The video below shows first starting from the beginning of a job and clearing the two pieces of plywood and then returning to XYZ zero where I then use the start from line feature. It then does not raise enough to clear the plywood. My safe height is set at one inch in both Gsender and my toolpath from carveco. Is there any other setting I need to check?

I’m having a hard time uploading the vid on google drive, the link below is to drobox and I"m not sure if it is working, Maybe my internet speed is having some hiccups