gSender 6.5 Beta Windows - no keyboard maping for PROBE operation

I am trying to use a SNES Controller to use it as a pendant, and there does not seem to be a key binding for PROBE.

I am not sure if its supposed too or not.

but there is a key binding for Homing, so I thought maybe it makes sense that Probe should be there too.

I’ve spent some time this past week putting together a list of shortcuts we’ll be looking to add. Right now for probing I have two:

  • confirm probe
  • start probe

Any thoughts on that?


I didn’t realize it would actually be two mappings for that function

My goal is to limit the amount of keyboard interaction I need to do and use my joystick as my method of operation

Because of dust levels the mouse is almost inoperable most of the time

So I switched to a keyboard with a touchpad

And the touchpad is so sensitive and annoying I really won’t want to use the keyboard unless I absolutely have to

Any functionality that removes the need to use the keyboard as much as possible is desirable in my case

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Since your comment, we’ve added in the ability to map the functions I mentioned above. Has that mapping access accomplished the functions you were hoping for?

I haven’t tried them extensively myself yet, but probing should now be fully accessible via your SNES controller :+1:

all looks good. I will try it a few times and confirm its working

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