gSender 6.5 Beta Windows - unable to copy text from the console

its possible I am missing something, but doing the following in UGS works just fine

type $$
using the mouse, select ALL TEXT
type < CTRL > C
screen clears
open notepad
using mouse, note that RIGHT click PASTE is not enabled.
type < CTRL > V

note that nothing happens.

@Menglor I don’t have gsender on this PC, Stephen, but in all other programs, to copy you type cntrl+c and to paste, you type cntrl+V. To select all text in the active window, you type cntrl+a.

You don’t simply type c, v or a. Could that be your issue?

edit: We were typing at the same time. :grinning: I’ll open gsender a bit later, but as you say, “cntrl” must be in the copy and past commands, not just the letters.

hahaha, ok the forums removed the CTRL as i put them in < >

fixed the original post.

@Menglor FWIW, it does not work for me, either.

ya, works just fine in UGS

I only just ran across it because I needed to capture the settings.

thanks for pointing out the < > issue

@Menglor If you only need a “paper” version, you could always do a screen cap of the console window. That does you no good, of course, if you want to move the settings electronically from one application to another.

It would have been multiple captures as it was a long list

I loaded ugs and did the same and got variables copied.

It’s still a limitation, so I think it should be fixed

Hey folks,

You should be able to copy text from the terminal using Ctrl + Insert in current builds. We’ll look at making the keybinds for copying a little more standard in one of the next releases.


@KGN @Menglor That works, Kevin, tks. Just to clarify for any others, ctrl+insert replaces ctrl+c. Then ctrl+V pastes into notepad or wherever.

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Seems odd to deviate from application norms

Ctrl is a staple for all OS.

But what ever, it’s just going to be a customer support generator when you force people to relearn the basics

@Menglor I’m certainly not here to make apologies for Sienci, and I agree that we are all accustomed to ctrl+c, but ctrl+insert works in all the other applications that I tried so maybe others are used to that combination.

Oh I am not point fingers or blame whome ever.

But this isn’t the first issue where they deviate from common behaviors

I work as a professional software tester, I cant tell you how many developers I argue with about best practices.

The idea that “it works fine on my machine” has gotten. Under my skin for 25 years.

My raising these issues isnt to get my way, I am just trying to point out, that you have to think that other people are going to use it. …

I strive for standards in software. It’s what I do for a living

.Chris made a point in his the interview that he made yesterday and he’s striving to make it easy for people to adopt. It will frustrate people if they have to learn special surgery keys for certain things because they didn’t go with the standards

Basically I’m going to log him they don’t want to fix them that’s up to them

@Menglor I’m not arguing, either, Stephen, but the attachment that you provided includes ctrl+insert for copying. That’s not to say that I’ve ever used it, but it would seem to be a “common behaviour”. :grinning:

CTRL O is for Opening a file
File | Open is for Opening a file
Clicking on the Open Button is for Opening a file

having one, doesn’t mean you can ignore the others, not everyone uses the same buttons.

Which goes back to my point of “works fine on my machine” this is how you do it, not how everyone does it.


Tested in 0.6.6

working fine.

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