gSender 6.6 Beta Windows - gSender doesn't handle M0 command?

User on the facebook group sent me this Gcode file because I wanted to understand his issue. and maybe help. (154.8 KB)

When you open the file, it opens as expected, however when you click Start job, it starts and then goes into a HOLD on line 4.

M0 ;T10

I dont understand which application or why its put there?, but I suspect gSender should deal with the M0 by throwing up a pause screen and allowing the user to continue?

not my file, but obviously pausing as it should based on what the M0 Gcode is supposed to do, I just think maybe it should have a mechanism for getting past it.

@Menglor - Stephen that’s a tool change command. GRBL won’t accept it and flags it as an error. You should be able to just hit start again and it should continue. Some CAM software products will place that command there for some reason.

I kind of figured it was a tool change.

Sadly though, the UI doesn’t promote the idea that you can continue.

The Facebook forums are full of people saying it loads the file and then stops.

So a visual queue that it’s a tool.change and not supported would make sense.

Right now the UI just says HOLD.

While not wrong , it’s not obvious why, or what to do

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That might help but this also happens in UGS. It just throws an error with no redress. Just says unsupported command. Don’t know how other GRBL gcode senders handle it.

@Menglor @Heyward43 I think that you will find that M0 is not a tool change command. It is an unconditional stop command. At least, that’s what I’m finding in my “research”. M6 is a tool change command and 6.6 of gsender has accommodation for it under setting, tool change.

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Regardless, I am asking for something a bit more user friendly.

i have just seen a few posts on Facebook this week where people are just giving up
general comment has been

“worked before, but its not working with new files, I am going back to UGS”

I dont make the decisions on what gSender is going to look like, I dont make excuses for how gSender is working.

I report what I see.

Product owners make those decisions. as well as set Bug priority.

I sleep perfectly well at night knowing, its been reported

Actually GRBL will accept a tool change. I had it working on cncjs, it is more of setting your post processor in your design software such as vcarve to allow for the MO command. After that you can use the macros to handle the exception. Once I figure out, or the makers of gsender offer more help files as to how to use the pre and post tool change settings, I will set mine up again.


We’ve now got the toast that pops up which indicates to users that the M0 command has caused the program to stop and prompts you to click to resume the job if you wish :smiley:

This is a carbide create file and can be easily edited in notepad to remove the M0 commands. Once done the file will run seamlessly. Thank you.
Recess Less (154.8 KB)
Give it a try now to see if this works.