gSender 7.1 Beta: XY Move size limit to low

User on the Facebook forums noted that when he changes the XY MOVE to anything over 300mm, it resets back to 300mm as a MAX.

User wants to be able to set it what ever value (900mm?)

Open gSender,
change the XY Move to 500
Note that it changes back to 300mm

User wants to be able to specify a larger number.

recomended doing

X500 or Y500

in the console as an alternative

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I thought we’d fixed this but it looks like the move in the jog control is still limited to 300 and in the actual settings it’s now 529mm but there’s some strange behaviour with value inputs going on. I’m replying to this thread to bump it so we remember to take another stab at it

We should have some larger limits in place for the upcoming build. Let us know if it’s better on your end.