Gsender and Easel

Has anyone experienced issues with Gsender and Easel being open at the same time? I have been getting a lot of G-code errors while carving in Gsender. I narrowed down the issue to happen only when Easel is open during a carve. If i close the browser window, no errors occur.

Any insight or suggestions?

@newfylukey I’ve never used Easel, so my input here is just to ask questions.

What kind of gcode errors are you getting? Could it be that Easel is trying to communicate with the same com port that gSender is communicating with? I know that this is an issue if I have both gSender and Lightburn running at the same time - as in, they won’t.

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I’m pretty sure that Easel is an all in one “solution” and can directly control the machine.

I’d bet that is the problem.

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