gSender Edge 1.2.1

Hey folks,

New Edge build released with improvements from last time + a host of new features.

Major important news to highlight is that you can have Edge and the mainline gSender installed at the same time! If you want to test out new features but don’t want to risk stability issues or your preferences getting overwritten, this should hopefully allow some middle ground.

You should see relatively frequent changes to Edge over the coming few months as we iterate on some new features and work on stability with the goal of it becoming the new major version of gSender.

1.2.1-EDGE Patch Notes

  • gSender Edge installs are now separate from gSender main - so you can have both installed at the same time! Make sure you run gSender Edge and not gSender if you have both installed.
  • Due to the above, preferences for gSender Edge have been reset to default
  • gSender Edge is up-to-date with 1.1.7 with respect to bug fixes and changes.

New Features and Improvements

  • Custom colour theme UX improvements - easier to change and see all colours at once
  • Headless mode - renamed “Remote mode”, to enable pass the “--remote” flag instead of “--headless”.
    • Fixed issue where incorrect IP was being bound in some situations - should more accurately grab the local address. This will be more easily configurable in future releases.
    • Fixed issue where inputs were non-interactable in the UI with remote mode enabled
    • Fixed issue where white screen would appear inside application on MacOS
  • SVG Visualizer - middle ground between 3d visualization and no visualizer. Enable it inside the Visualizer options and enable lightweight mode.
  • New Diagnostic tool inside Calibration widget - see at-a-glance info on your pins status, important firmware settings, and generate a diagnostic file that can be shared to help diagnose problems you might be experiencing.
  • Feed/Spindle overrides are now changeable before starting the job by toggling between the Job attributes and Job Control, and are now sliders for easier adjustment.
  • Customizable probe fail distance
  • Re-organized preferences to better group various functions (like safety related features)
  • Soft limit warning - warn if current WCS 0 will hit soft limits if they are enabled. Toggle it on in the safety preferences section!
  • Custom decimal places - configure the accuracy of reported numbers in your UI up to 5 decimal places.
  • Pop-out the console into a separate window
  • Total runtime and jobs are now tracked and viewable within preferences
  • Laser outline mode must now be toggled on if you want to run the low power outline for safety reasons
  • Better colour coding for alarms and errors in console widget
  • Updates to gamepad controller support
    • Improved UI for both adding a new controller profile and setting up an action
    • Improved overall stability of controller support, some adjustments made for listening to new controllers connected as well as button presses and thumbstick movements
    • Added default profiles for the two controllers recommended for use in gSender
      • Logitech F710 Wireless Controller
      • Generic Xbox 360 Controller
      • Both these profiles have default actions attached to some of their buttons

Upcoming changes

The following features aren’t in currently but will be in an upcoming Edge release - these are things we want to get into the Main Release but are still waiting on some internal testing before adding to the build.

  • Better UX for remote mode - configurable in app instead of command line arguments
  • Responsiveness changes for web view
  • Toolchanging workflow wizard

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Great job… All the issues i had faced in the last Edge version are now fixed :+1:

I see it works on Chrome & Edge but not in Firefox. Do you have a recommended Browser?

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Will gSender become obsolete?

My version 1.06 is perfect for what I do.

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@webbit_NJ Do you mean the download link? I downloaded it in Firefox.

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@gwilki no issues with the actual Download.

But when GSender is started in “Remote” mode, if i use the URL xx.xx.xx.xx:8000

I get the GSender page on the Chrome and Edge browser(s)
when I do the same with Firefox, i get a blank page.

I Wonder if others have the same behaviour, or if Scienci has any Browser recommandations.

This is not an issue for me, just wanted to raise the point.

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So the benefit of being solely an Electron app until now is that we’ve gotten to design around a single webview in Chromium. Part of the issue with allowing anyone to access the app remotely is the very wide array of browsers we have to now support.

If you can tell us which version of Firefox you’re running, we’ll take a look at what might be going wrong.

At some point before this is finished we’ll have an actual codified set of supported browsers, but we’re not quite there yet.

I just want to clarify a couple things about gSender/Edge and their purpose.

Edge isn’t a replacement for gSender in any way - it’s a way for us to test and get feedback on bigger features without exposing them to users who may not be interested. A pretty common pattern in software is to have a Nightly release that is more bleeding-edge in terms of updates/features - Edge is our analog to that.

The goal is once we’re happy with stability and usability of the new features Edge will become gSender 1.2.0. But until that point, we’ll continue to update both main gSender and Edge, as we have be doing (fairly regularly, imo) up until now.

I just want to stress that one is not the replacement for the other - we just wanted to let users who are interested in some of the new things use them earlier as they reach maturity without impacting those who don’t. One doesn’t obsolete the other.



@KGN , thanks for the reply and the clarification, greatly appreciated. As I mentioned above, I am very pleased with the 1.06 version, works great for what I need.

One thing I would like to see is a separate/specific way to adjust the “Z” feed rate while the file is running. I sometimes program the right “X and Y”, feed rates, but make poor choices for the “Z”, which can add a lot of extra time in a project.

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Understood… Here are the browser versions I tested with:

Google Chrome 107.0.5304.107 (Official Build) (32 and 64-bit) → Worked, no issues…

Microsoft Edge 107.0.1418.42 (Official build) (64-bit) → Worked, no issues…

Mozilla Firefox 106.0.5 (64-bit) → Did not work, Empty page with Gsender as Titlebar

Hope this helps!


Thanks for this,

The issue is related to the API we’re using for gamepads, which requires a secure context (https://) on Firefox only. It can’t access it currently so it’s throwing an error and preventing the app from loading.

This is something we were looking to do anyways, but this is another reason to :sweat_smile:

Apparently Firefox is the only browser that has this stipulation, so that’s great.

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Same thing for me. I MUCH prefer using Firefox if you don’t mind.