gSender Edge 1.3.7 - Multi-corner probing + preferences improvements

Hey folks,

This build was largely focused on HAL controller development as beta testing heats up on the new SuperLongBoard. That said, we have some improvements to preferences and the ability to probe off any corner of the workpiece on top of a few other bug fixes.

Multi-corner probing

You can now optionally select which corner of your workpiece you wish to probe off of. The probe widget has a new selector which indicates your desired corner, and it should work as before with some adjusted movements. The default value is bottom-left as expected, and this is what is used any time the program is started.

Weโ€™ve also taken a look at the routine for the auto zero plate in general to reduce the amount of zero sets and lower the dwell time so it should run a little faster overall.


Full notes:


  • Multi-corner probing - now use your Auto or Standard touchplate to set the workspace offset from any corner on your workpiece
  • Files are parsed once and re-used for outline, start from line and other places to reduce processing power
  • Fixed issue where file attributes werenโ€™t always being returned on file parse
  • Fixed probe tool selection getting cut off
  • Preferences backup generated on new version for easy reversion
  • Preferences improvements to prevent values from being overwritten
  • Machine profile now included in metrics gathering for those who have opted-in

Gamepad Support

  • Several bug fixes
  • Several UI improvements
  • Fix to joystick jogging not working in some instances
  • Fix to creating gamepad profile dialog
  • Fix to gamepad profile name disappearing
  • Improvements to assigning actions to buttons
  • Adjusted lockout functionality, assigned button to it will now need to be held to utilize gamepad buttons and joysticks


  • Connection process improved to be a little faster
  • Firmware tool categories are correctly used as parsed from the controller
  • Fixed issue where connecting with E-Stop engaged would not allow a reset and the application would become unusable
  • Fixed issue where connecting to an alarmed controller could prompt the user to home even if homing not enabled
  • Alarm information parsed from controller and correctly used in alarm states
  • Firmware tool no longer includes โ€œN/Aโ€ options from format data when generating option controls
  • Firmware values with spaces are correctly read from the controller
  • Motors no longer held on job completion
  • Axis mask returns the correct axes values as compiled in

As always, you can find the links on Github: