gSender Headless Pi Operation

Hi all!

One feature request from a small group of people has been to run gSender headless just as CNCjs is able to do.

Though gSender is based on CNCjs, after many of the changes we’ve made we’d have to put in some reasonable work to get it back and running again. Before starting, I’d like to gauge the interest in this feature but also understand why it is a feature that people would find useful.

I’ll leave this open for the next week to allow time to chat about headless operation and it’s merits :slightly_smiling_face:


If there are no other priorities, perhaps we could consider making a wish list.

Here, is my first suggestion:

  • Do in memory g-code editing as OpenBuilds control software allows. This feature is extremely handy, no third party editor and or reloading.


This is just a recommendation on my part

Maybe explain what you expect to do with headless so that people can set their expectations whether they want it or not based on what you plan on delivering

I for one right now don’t really understand headless other than to say it’s without a graphical UI but what that implies otherwise I have no idea

1st post here

A friend (tx Lawrence) just told me about gSender and I really like what I see. I’m still using CNCjs headless on a Pi 3B because it gave me greatest stability. I’m not sure how I could incorporate gSender in my workflow.

Thanks Gary