gSender missing feature - "Probe Distance"

One of the things I noticed in gSender that doesnt seem like a big deal till you run into it.

UGS in the Z probe setting has a “Probe distance”

  • What it does, is decided how far its going to travel before it gives up looking.
    in gSender its about 15mm before it dies saying it couldnt find the metal block.
    I like to keep my bit about 1" about the work piece (25mm) so I have to run things much closer then I would like.

Its now become a bigger issue, since I am switching over to Limit/homing
switches, and it homes off the TOP of Z axis, so my travel to Probing is at times 50 - 100mm away

I would like to see the same option to decide how far its going to travel before it gives up.

I will also mention, that in UGS, after it finds Z, it returns to where it started the probe search. rather then some pre-determined value that gSender is going too :slight_smile:

I guess it’s finding the right balance but perhaps we could look at something like this in the future. I can understand wanting to keep the bit a comfortable distance from the block. As far as the Z, since fast probing can only go so quickly it would probably be best to just rapid jog the bit to the approximate height first before beginning the probing procedure. :cowboy_hat_face:

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To be honest I kind of like it how ugs has done it they allow you to put the value that you want and they use that value to decide how far the travel is going to be

One would argue the only thing you guys need to do is decide what value you want