GSender not maximized by default


It may have been reported before, but GSender always requires to click the “Maximize” Button (Or Double-Click Title Bar) to be really Full Screen. (Seen with older versions, as well as latest 0.7.4)
By Default, the App takes 96% (Or so) of the Screen.
I do not hide the Windows Taskbar, so for me FullScreen means all, but the Taskbar area.
Both my computer react the same. One uses 1920x1080(Desktop), the other one is 1366x768(Laptop)
I have tried changing the Shortcut icon to “RUN MAXIMIZED”, no change aside from the GSender SplashScreen being shown with a black Background and being Maximized, then when the actual App GUI appears, it is still a 96% (or so) of the screen) (not maximized) Any Ideas?

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Tested with Version 1.0.0
Same Behavior…

Also tested with Version 1.0.1
Same Behavior…

Anybody has this same “issue”?

@webbit_NJ It opens maximized on my office PC. I’ll check on the shop one and get back to you.

@webbit_NJ - I’ve reported it several times. Neither of my computers, design or shop will open maximized even though properties are set to maximized.

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@webbit_NJ @Heyward43 Strange. It opens maximized on both my office PC at 1080 x 1920 and my shop pc at 1680 x 1050.

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I see this too. I am running the Win64 bit version. 1440x900 resolution. Every time I run gSender (now version 1.0.1) The program starts in non-maximixed/windowsed mode. It’s always close to the maximum but not quite. It does not remember the last program window size used ever.

Add another one for the non full screen, on both laptops. ???

Just went to download 1.0.1 and tested 1.0.0. Windows 10 laptop never maximizes (you can still maximize it further), but is really close. However, if I reduce the window size, it will save that for the next program start.

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Indeed, I had not tried to Manual STRETCH the Window!
Here are my tests result:
If i start GSender, and STRETCH to GROW the window to cover the Screen and restart GSender, the Stretched state IS NOT remembered…
If i start GSender, and STRETCH to SHRINK the window to be smaller than the Screen and restart GSender, the Stretched state IS remembered…
Hmmmm… was not expecting that…


It’s not something we’ve been able to look more into yet, thanks everyone for the comments :cowboy_hat_face:

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Will now Maximize on Startup with 1.0.3!


@chrismakesstuff @andy - thanks guys. Maximize now works on 1.0.3. And thanks for all the other updates/fixes. May all of you enjoy your holidays. A well deserved break.