Gsender proposal - improved XY indexing

Something I would like to see in GSender is the ability to probe inside a hole (metal) in order to establish Working XY zero. Cutter diameter should not be important as long as it is smaller than the hole. An appropriate (larger than 1/4 inch) sized hole could be bored or cut into the touch plate
I think it would be a valuable feature in the program.

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only as a recommendation, I find when chatting with Product managers, its easier to convey a few user stories to sell the idea.

I myself when I first read this, i didnt see the application, but it occurred to me, if you wanted to do 2 side milling, having this ability might help with establishing the X, Y and Z to Zero. so you could re-continue a failed job?

anyway, its just helps sell your feature if you can create a business case for itt.