gSender v1.0.1 and v1.0.2 Release

Yes but unfortunately there isn’t support to run a macro like the excellent one from Neil that works with a TLS like the Shapeoko BitSetter… not yet at least

You should be able to stick macro code into the code area and it’ll run the same as a macro would

That won’t work on macros such as the Bitsetter stuff. Those need to be independent.

Actually, on another topic, what I need is similar to the program start/stop code space. We need the same to be used as machine initialization code space. This would be very useful to set up my workspace areas consistently.

Tex, is there a reason why the bitsetter stuff has to be run independently?

Also, for machine initialization it sounds like $N startup blocks might solve the use-case you’ve got: grbl/ at master · gnea/grbl · GitHub

I suppose what I meant by that was that it can’t really be set up to run at the beginning of every program.

By the way, there are several posts about not being able to install / execute 1.0.2 elsewhere on the forum.


I will make a feature request. Allow gSender to have a Pre and a Post G-Code form.

Ie when you click start , all G-Code in the pre runs.

And when it finishes, run the post code.

This way you could have the IoT relay start wait 30 seconds to ramp up. The run the project code.

And in post turn it off

I assume the bit sender might also benefit as well?

However, what I and others don’t like about Carbide Motion is all the “hand holding” it forces on the user. That’s why we were strongly drawn to gSender. There’s no Beginner’s Mode! :smiley:

Stephen, we’ve got this set up in gSender quite a while ago for the purpose of IOT control and other options. You can check it out in the documentation :+1:

TKS, my point was more of a “example”

its a feature included in my 3d printer , that I can set a bunch of things to happen before you click start.
which is what I believe the bitsetter does.

The ability to run a gcode file or Macro, before the beginning of each file and as well after it.

In the 3d printer example:
You can Home your machine, set auto Z finder, set the temp to X, move the head to a Safe point, extrude a few seconds of filament, then start the print.

then it loads the Gcode, and starts.

After it completes , it runs another POST script/macro,
where it resets the head, turns off heat.

The idea being, that your have your man .gcode file, you dont want to have to open each file and paste in in a config.

I guess the simplest way to ask for this feature.
have 2 permenant macro’s
1 called PRE
1 called POST.

The PRE macro is always called when you click Start job
The POST macro is always called when you click Stop, or the Job ends.

if your dont want to use it, leave it blank.
if you want to do something before every start, put it in the macro.

again, just an Idea, not something I am looking for right now.

Yup, that’s actually exactly how we have it working in gSender for a couple months now. Feel free to give it a try it you’d like

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