gSender Version

I download the new gSender and I can’t get it to do anything All I get is this ERROR2-
Missing the expected G-codeword value or numeric value format is not valid.

@Biehn Hello Lyle! Welcome to the group.

Did you have gSender before? Did it work? You made it far enough to get an error, so can I assume it connects and jogs around fine? Does your machine use grbl firmware?

The only guess I can make at this point is that maybe you are using the wrong post processor in Vectric. gSender is grbl only so you would need to use grbl(mm) or grbl(inch) when you save your tool paths.

If that’s not it, we will need more details in order to help you.

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Lyle, I was getting same errors yesterday my resolution was to delete 1.4 and download version 1.2.2.
Michael with the errors you are not able to jog. I found that the probe routine seemed to work, I did not try loading a file. I did notice a brown button with a lock in top left corner of visualiser and clicking on it did nothing. As I reverted back to 1.2.2 and everything is back to normal I presume it is either a bug issue with 1.4 or some sort of windows compatability issue.