gSender Wish List and List of Active Bugs

OK will try first thing Monday morning, weekends are for the family…

I am running the latest 0.7.1 release on my Pi4, and I tried running with a bluetooth gamepad (8bitDo Pro+ Controller) and found a bug (and I know, bluetooth is probably not best practice for controlling a cutting device, but I was curious :slight_smile: ). I was able to add it in just fine, but when I pressed on the dpad (which I had mapped to x/y moves), it moved in the correct direction… but didn’t stop; I ended up manually cancelling the move in gSender. It also stopped responding to any other gamepad input until I reset the program (and at that point did the same thing, only in a different direction).

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Just downloaded 0.7.1 and tried to use the surfacing function for the first time, so this could very well be user error, and not a bug, but this was my experience:

Wanted to create a pocket in my spoilboard for a 2-sided work piece, so I clicked the Surfacing tab, entered my pocket dimensions: 110mm x 110mm, and I used a bit from an older set, so I measured the diameter: 18.65mm, filled in the rest, and I was ready to go.

Running the job, everything looked good, but when I measured the pocket afterwards, it measured: 128.65mm x 128.65mm, exactly the size of the pocket plus the diameter of the bit (or the radius of the bit for each side).

This made me think that the surfacing path is being calculated from the center of the bit, rather than the outer edge. Or maybe it’s using the bit radius instead of bit diameter. Or maybe it’s supposed to do this, and I just didn’t know that I had to compensate for that?

Good morning hope you had a good weekend. Just uploaded 0.7.1 and I am sorry to say the same error prevails.

I have found that when using a keypad, if you still have any of the boxes active, it will send the correct option to move the carriage, but it will also put the original keystroke in the active box. I found this when I adjusted the step value and then hit the key, say 6 then it would repeat 6 in the box and I ended up with a jog command of 6666mm . This only seems to appear when you keep the key pressed for continuous jog. I will check it out later.

ok, so I suspect When I tried it, I didnt have the problem, likely a result of not having $21=1

before I go changing mine, I understand you dont have a longmill, so I am wondering, do you have Limit switches at both ends of your Axis?

I know I only have it at 1 end of each Axis, I am curious if yours is the same?

Hi Menglor
Yes I have one limit switch at each end, but they are wired to simulate an" either or" function. GRBL only sees one switch input

So just to Confirm the Behaviour

with $21=1

Using a Longmill

with no errors in gSender and everything working as expected.

  • JOG in ANY Axis, hit ANY of the limit switches.
  • the longmill stops moving
  • gSender reports that the device is “still Jogging”

is unresponsive to the stop button.

I tried loading a gCode file, clicked on START and then tried to stop the gcode.

  • nothing.

Yes thats pretty much what happens, the only way out is to disconnect from the usb and reconnect again

I have had the same issue with a Game Controller attached by wire. I add the new function, when jogging using the controller the machine moves in the selected direction but does not stop, until manually stopped on the screen to halt the current movement.

Sorry Menglor, I meant in the top right hand corner of the Visuliser
hope that helps

Hi Chris,
as you can see from the thread below Mengalor has followed up on my comment and has tried it, with the same results. Do you understand the problem now and will you be addressing it in a future release. I know you are busy but thanks anyway

Sounds like your limit switch might be miswired and you’re shorting 5v to GND.

Okay, I see what you’re saying here @Biffo . This should be implemented actually as of 0.7.2 so let me know if it’s sorted for you now :+1:

@ChrisPro and @djen I think this issue was resolved as well with the update

@roberto I can’t recall if this is something we addressed. If you can let me know on your end that would be helpful :+1: