Gwizard setup for long mill

I am new to CNC, but my brother is not. He highly recommended software called “GWizard” to figure out feeds and speeds. I paid for it, and now I’m trying to feed it correct info about the 30 by 30 long mill.
There is a “simple” and “advanced” version of info. For simple, I have only 1 unknown-
what is the maximum ipm?

is anybody familiar with this software? should I carefully set all values in the advanced settings?

I also have that software. It is probably more complex than it needs to be, but once you wrap your head around how to use it (the tutorials are decent) it produces pretty good answers.

In response to your question, the LongMill maxes out at 160 ipm. You’ll probably never cut that fast, though. Realistically, 50-60% of that is workable for most tasks.


And welcome to the forum. Lots of helpful folks here.