Has anyone made a 3d printed holder for auto zero plate?

Before I start modifying the awesome files @_Michael gave me, does anyone have a 3d model that will hold an auto zero plate? The way I need to mount it wouldn’t necessarily fit all the stuff so I’m looking for an interesting way to store it.

I’m also interested if anyone knows if Sienci provides the 3d model for the vacuum attachment in case someone is particularly dumb and maybe didn’t measure hose length properly and had it get eaten by their CNC. Theoretically :face_holding_back_tears:

Well since I didn’t hear back I did in fact upsize the plans from @_Michael

Worked great!

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@pkillur I do 3D print a lot of stuff and sometimes just hot glue a magnet to it.
Sometimes My Rotties just straight up eat stuff…
Nobody is dumb, we just need specific questions.
3d models are on onshape

Good idea. I was going to make something out of wood to attach it to my table, but I could 3d print something with mounting holes.

In case you are still looking for the dust shoe file you can find it here.

Ha! I will try again with the specific file. I tried downloading the oncad as an stl and got a spaghetti mess.